Quantico Season 4: ABC Network Has Opted To Cancel The Show!!!

Kal Penn displayed his desire to work with Priyanka as he tweeted to her after Quantico is canceled by the ABC, Here everything you need to know...

Quantico Season 4

This is something bad for Quantico’s Fans. The show is canceled after three installments by the ABC Network. The main reason behind this delay is the dropping of the audience. The first season got a great rank but unfortunately, the follow-up season hasn’t done so well. Let’s comprehend more points behind the cancellation of Quantico Season 4.

Quantico Season 4

Quantico Season 4

Quantico is an American Thriller Drama series that is aired on American Broadcasting Company. The genre of the show is Terrorism starring with most admiring Indian Actress, Priyanka Chopra. Quantico runs about for three seasons and has fifty-seven episodes which are available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.

The show is quite good at first but in the second season, viewers find the show somehow a mess… Not only this the third season also get a very low rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 from the Metacritic.

Viewers are not happy with the Quantico, see what they are saying-


“Should have been canceled after the first season. Sad to say the corruption of the FBI and DOJ is higher up than this show depicts. Most rank and file FBI agents are modern-day heroes!”

“I stopped watching after 12 minutes. I watched seasons 1&2 in 2 days! S1 was absolutely deliciously explosive! My blood pressure was uncontrollable. Even though S2 was a bit off ( more like 2 different seasons in 1), it was still very good.

Then come S3, we learn Ryan married “the woman he loves” Shelby 😒after Alex ditched him?!!!? Makes no sense. Everybody that made the show good is gone. I mean, the twins?! How in the world Ryan and Shelby get married?! I have more chemistry with my garbage…

The unfavorable reviews from the audience completely clarifying the reason behind the cancellation of Quantico Season 4.

The stars are not happy with this even Kal Penn displayed his desire to work with Priyanka as he tweeted to her-

Kal Peen: “Hey Priyanka Chopra, let’s do a movie.” 

PeeCee replied: “Done and done Kal Penn.”

Are There Any Chances of Renewal of Quantico Season 4?

No, the chances of the renewal are very low but if some other Network rather than ABC commands up the series in their hand then we could hope to get the Quantico season 4. But because of fewer ratings and values, I don’t think any rated platform step-ahead to renew the show.

 Moreover, when we get more news regarding the same then we would upload more in this section, till then you can also go for some new series like The Chi Season 4Prison School Season 2, or can simply visit our home page for more- Mangumstarnews.net.

Last Lines

Priyanka Chopra is becoming the most refining actress in Hollywood in just short period of time. Everyone wants to work with her even high-profile Kall Penn offers Priyanka to work with her. Quantico is not the end of her journey she has a lot of things to do in the future.

Maybe in the future show creators decided to renew Quantico? what do you think, do you want a fourth installment? Comment Down your opinions below!!!

Now, it’s time to end this post but stay tuned with us for more updates, if you have any query then you can ask us!!

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