Lego Super Mario: Pre Order Starter Course, Expansions, NES and More

Lego Super Mario
Lego Super Mario

As the release of Lego Super Mario inches closer, we’re getting the updates related to the pre-order of the starter pack.

In case, you don’t know Lego Super Mario is all set to release August 1 of 2020 and with this release, Nintendo will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the game.

By the way, in this first and most highly anticipated collaboration between Nintendo & Lego, the publishers have revealed pre-order related important info. on Lego Mario.

That’s not it. There’s much more to it. In fact, in this post, I’ll update you about the starter course, expansions, Lego Nintendo Entertainment System & power-up packs.

Let’s get to know about this in detail –

Lego Super Mario Starter Course and Expansions

Lego Super Mario has 10 expansions in total and all of them are designed to use along with its starter course costing $60.

So, in order to use these expansions in the game, it’s a must for you to purchase the basic starter pack. Now, coming to the starter pack, it contains Mario along with his themed expansions. This expansion also includes some of the iconic Mario characters from his friends to foe.

The list includes Bowser, Yoshi, King Boo, Toad, and many more. In the Lego Super Mario, all these characters are inspired by the world and fixture of video game franchises.

Nintendo Entertainment System Kit

Apart from the game itself, Lego Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most-awaited features. Although, this system is quite pricey but in terms of size, it’s one of the biggest Nintendo-themed logo sets.

This entertainment system is a special addition to the much-anticipated collaboration as it’ll launch on the 35th anniversary of all-time classic video game Super Mario.

Now, coming to the pricing, the 2,646 piece set will cost users $230 and all of them will release worldwide on August 01 of 2020. The NIS kit comes with a tiny NES, multiple builds, controller, CRT TV, and super Mario bros. game cart.

Once you’ve set up the complete kit, build the TV, all you need is a crank to watch Mario hop. And enter into the plumber’s 1st ever adventure. Keep in mind that to sync on-screen action with an on-going voice. You can do all this just by placing Lego Mario on top of the CRT TV. This way action and voices will sync properly as the crank starts turning.

Character Packs

Along with the above-mentioned updates, Lego has confirmed 10-character packs. These packs include common Mario enemies including Bullet Bill, Blooper, Eep Cheep, Bob-omb, and will later be sold at the price of $5 each in blind bags.

That’s not it. Lego Super Mario allows you to change Mario’s look just by purchasing additional character power-up packs.

Free Lego Super Mario App

Once the game releases worldwide on August 1, a free version of the Lego Super Mario app will be available for everyone. Using it, you’ll be able to save complete coin collection and other important gameplay metrics.

On top of this, it’ll help in the building process as it provides tips and step-by-step instructions to easily tweak your builds. In a way, it’ll work like a forum where you can share your current progress with your friends, family, and community members. Isn’t it great?

As of now, only the starter pack of Lego Super Mario is available to pre-order. You can pre-order it at $60 on Amazon, Walmart, or the official Lego store.

Final Words

Once all the expansions go live, I’ll update their purchase links in the post. So, tuned for it. In the meanwhile, I advise you to pre-order Lego super Mario game right away as it may run out of stock very soon.


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