Premier League Scraps Winter Break Because of Congested 2020-21 Schedule

Premier League

Premier League is said to be the toughest football league in the world. Compared to all its
contemporaries the games in PL are faster, exhilarating, nail-biting, and there are so many strong teams that you can never guess which team is going to hold the cup in that respective season.

But, honestly! 2020 hasn’t been very kind to the sporting world, and the fans had missed some action during the Quarantine. However, as we all know it’s hard to break the human spirit! The sport made a comeback after the Quarantine within a bio-secure environment, and guess what? The love for the game was still the same.

With their consistent pre and post lockdown performance Liverpool lifted the cup.

Amid all these events taking place, the PL got stretched for longer than expected. It leads to a lot how will the players get their breaks of questions on the conduct of the following season of 2020-2021?

Will there be a different format? Will the no. of games taking place get affected? Will, there be a clash between the schedules of the Premier League, The FA Cup, and the Carabao Cup? Well, there is some clarity answering to all these questions in mind as the authorities announce that due to the late ending of 2019-2020 season.

The following season will be five weeks shorter than a standard season. It means there will be a lot of action coming up for the fans as the schedule is squeezed for all the teams to manage plays between the PL, FA Cup, and EFL Cup.

Is it Good or Is it Bad?

On the hand where its good for fans as it brings the best of action for them without any breaks, it lands a problem on the other from teams perspective as they do not get any rest, their winter holidays have been canceled, to meet the current schedule the players have to work twice the harder on their fitness and the teams will have to rotate among the different competitions regularly.

These schedules may create problems for players as a constant play of such intensity may lead to fatigue and stress on their body but also create some grinds for teams likes Spurs who may have to face a clash between their matches of EFL and PL that would leave Jose Mourinho in a turmoil.

I hope for the best! So, with the winter breaks canceled and the schedules being so uptight it leaves a lot of things to question the player’s fitness? What if there is a schedule clash that may happen with the spurs?

Well, time shall answer all the questions we are unsure of, but the one thing we are sure of is that it is going to be a full season with consecutive breathtaking games lined up one after the other.

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