Get into a Haunted Forest in Pray, a 2021 Film.

Prey 2021 film

Let’s take a look at the German POS film (Prey).

These days, people tend to recommend watching trending films or refreshing their minds after doing a lot of work in modern life.

Even though I am one of them, after doing the work I really like to Click to Netflix and watch films rejuvenate like you.

The popular Netflix film (Prey) It was a spine-chiller which was delivered in 2021.

Scroll down to find out what happened in the ending of the German film (Prey).

  • The Pray is a 2021 German POS film.
  • It was directed and written by Thomas Sieben and David Kross, and Hanno Koffler and Maria Ehrich.
  • Released by Netflix on September 10, 2021.
  • The running time of the film is 1 Hour 27 Minutes.
  • Distributed by Netflix.
  • The film production company is Senator Film Production.
  • The country of origin is Germany and the language is German.

Plotline : Prey (2021) 

Prey 2021 filmThe story of the movie revolves around Roman and his friends who decided to take a trip over the weekend to one Roman boy. Along the way, they heard a loud noise coming from the forest in the dark of night. They found a gun and continued their rampage. Soon they learned that they had been defeated by a woman who was a criminal and was about to kill Eve.

Eva’s first victim was Vincent, who shot her in the arm. Soon Vicent’s point of view was over as he was shot at them. The story continues as everyone tries to make a mess in timberland to save their lives.

The Shooter (2021)

The shooter is Eva, portrayed by Maria Ehrich as a shooter also known as a traveler. Eva had a girl named Anne, and they were near the forest. Roman accidentally came across an unwanted house that turned into a shooting range.

On the computer, he finds a movie with Eva and his girlfriend. The video showed two drunken guests, who may have been visiting years ago, while driving to Eva, accidentally shooting Anne. So the story suggests that it is possible that Ava did this to confirm the death of her little girl. He was so overwhelmed with anxiety that he decided to vent his concern to anyone who entered the forest.

Ending Explained: Prey (2021)

Prey 2021 film

When the group initially thought he was a man hunting them, they discovered a costly mistake they made when they saw Eve in the pool. The problem with all of them is that Stefan was the only person who knew the ways and direction of the forest. He was the only one who could help them out of the forest to escape.

They parted and started wandering around to find a store where they could contact the police but before they could explain what had happened, Eva grabbed them, killed the store clerk, and shot Vincent in the neck. Albert’s injury, on the other hand, is getting worse and worse and Peter wants to leave him somewhere, and he will come back later with help but the Roma commands him. Peter leaves Roman and Albert behind, after telling Roman to ask Albert, his fiancée Lisa.

Moreover, it seems that the Romans found a house with a tomb. The name inscribed on the tomb is Anne. Inside he goes and finds a video of a drunken man with a daughter coming to Eve. The tragedy shows that the man accidentally shot Anne, killing her. It is clear that Eve is taking revenge on any group of men who decide to roam the forest.

Peter is assassinated shortly after the issues are resolved when Roman finds a nude photo of Lisa on Albert’s phone with the message: “I can’t wait to see you, Albert! Greet your brother.” Instead of leaving Albert to die in the forest anyway, Roman drags him to a safe place and meets Eve.

In the woods, Roman interrupts Eva with a unicorn toy they found in the forest, which belonged to Anne, and she fights with Eve. Roman can carry a gun to Eva and shoot her, but instead of shooting her, he throws her away. Eve, for some reason, decided to jump off a cliff and commit suicide. Looking at this, Roman was relieved that it was all over. But it was not clear whether his brother survived or not.

Cast  & Crew Members of the Prey (2021) Film.

Prey 2021 film

These are the characters of the Prey film who all are to be appreciated.

  • David Kross as Roman
  • Hanno Koffler as Albert
  • Yung Ngo as Vincent
  • Klaus Steinbacher as Stefan
  • Livia Matthes as Lisa
  • Nellie Thalbach as Jenny
  • Maria Ehrich as Eva
  • Robert Finster as Peter

Where Can We Watch the Pray (2021) Film?

You can easily stream it online on Netflix. But before you watch, just subscribe to this channel.

Trailer : Pray (2021) Film

Here we will provide a trailer given below for our readers. Just click the video and enjoy it.

End Lines

Let’s finish this article with the German POS film (Prey 2021). If you haven’t watched it, it’s available on Netflix.

Did you enjoy watching it? What do you think of the characters in this movie? These are all questions that I would like to know the answers to. So let me know in the comments below.

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