Positive Cases in Five Justice Facilities Declining

Positive cases increase in Missouri

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department or TJJD, has noticed a decline in the number of COVID positive cases at its justice facilities in Texas. The justice facilities of TJJD have young detainees of age 11 to 18. 

The authority of TJJD tested approximately 700 juvenile prisoners and 1700 employees at the beginning of July. 

Brian Sweany, the spokesperson of TJJD, has stated that most COVID-19 patients at their facilities are asymptomatic. There are 172 positive prisoners and 158 workers who tested positive for the COVID. One person has succumbed to it. The number of positive cases is declining. 

Sweany also said that the authorities had taken all the necessary steps to protect the prisoners and workers. They have provided masks to everyone to prevent the infection.

NYT Says UT-Austin Ranks Higher in Positive Cases

New York Times has recently conducted a survey and results are shocking for native Texans. UT-Austin has the most number of positive patients than any other college in the United States. The announcement for the survey came right after the university decided to put up a live dashboard on the internet to alert the community about the patients.

When we asked a UT-Austin spokesperson about the NYT survey, we received a response that “the survey conducted by NYT isn’t accurate and comprehensive”. 

Positive Cases of West Nile Virus

When the world is already fighting the massive pandemic of COVID-19, the Tarrant County Public Health department has issued an alarming warning to the residents.

They have issued a warning regarding the possible spread of West Nile Virus through mosquitoes. 

The officials of Tarrant County Public Health have found that West Nile Virus levels are at an all-time high in mosquitoes. To curb their population, they have increased the spraying on the grounds. However, citizens are advised to take preventive measures. 

People are advised to use mosquito repellent approved by EPA. Please wear clothes that don’t expose their skin. Clean up the water bodies where mosquitoes can breed quickly. The mosquitoes can bite you anytime, not just night. 

West Nile Virus has caused one death in the county in the two years. The officials say that people infected with that virus can experience symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, body and headache, fever, rash and joint pain. 

Most of the people from the infection recover but the weakness can remain for a long time. Hence, better to take precautions. 

Final Words

Texas is nearing its massive death count of seven thousand. At the same time, the total number of positive cases is 432K as of now. The authorities have given the instructions regarding the COVID-19, which need to be followed by all. 

If you live in and around Tarrant County, alert your friends and family about the West Nile Virus. Nobody wants a double dose of virus infections. 

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