Pompeo Said : TikTok And Other Chinese ‘Untrusted’ Apps Need To Remove From U.S. App Stores.

Chinese Untrusted Apps
Chinese Untrusted Apps

On Wednesday 5th July, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated on government behalf, The United States wants U.S app stores should removed all Chinese owned ‘untrusted’ apps (TikTok, Wechat etc.) from there app stores.

He further added, companies should also need to stop using Huawei Technology and companies services. The whole thing won’t stop here.

In a news conference, Mike Pompeo said, “With parent companies based in China, apps like TikTok, WeChat and others are significant threats to the personal data of American citizens,”

Pompeo further added, in process to maintain a “Clean Network”, The State Department also working to minimize the use of cloud services of China based companies to collect, store and use any data related to America citizens, their businesses and also including any sort of research work.

The legal actions against Chinese ‘untrusted’ owned technologies won’t stop here. Its further covering Chinese Telecommunication and internet service provider. As United State government does not want to compromise any of U.S. Information and Communication to China.

This step American government is taking against the Chinese untrusted technologies and companies in direction of National Security.

He further told to reporters, “We call on all freedom-loving nations and countries to join the clean network,”.

These sayings of Mike Pompeo has clearly stated that United States take all the Chinese untrusted technologies a great threat to National Security. And before these Chinese untrusted technologies harm United Sates in any manner they want to suppress all sort of Chinese untrusted apps, technologies and companies from U.S.

Chinese Untrusted Apps
Chinese Untrusted Apps

Final Words About Chinese Untrusted Technologies :

President is already has taken quite strict action against TikTok. United State Government has already told ByteDance either to shutdown TikTok in U.S or else sold its United State Ownership to any U.S based company.

15th September, is the last date given by United State Government to Chinese untrusted app TikTok to sell its U.S business or else government will ban this Chinese untrusted app in U.S.

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TikTok owners are taking this upcoming ban quite seriously and already in talking terms with Microsoft to sell there U.S share of TikTok. This Chinese untrusted app already declared and promised to United State government that they are not sharing any American data to Chinese Government.

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