Pokemon Go Community Day Guide to Geting Shiny ‘Gostly’ Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go

Half of the July has passed and I believe, now is the perfect time for second fan-voted Pokémon GO Community Days. Last time in June, it was a humorous little Pokemon Weedle that managed to win a place in our hearts and the community days.

Now, it’s July and the next Pokemon on the list is Gastly. Technically it’s a poison-type Pokemon but most commonly people also call it as most purely ghost of all Ghost-type Pokemon out there. Now, coming to this post, here I’ll you about everything you need to know about it. From special moves to date & time, bonus, the special move, and The Great Gastly event.

Pokémon GO ‘Ghastly’ Community Days Start Date and Time

Today, it’ll run from 1100 hrs. in the morning to 1700 hrs. in the evening. This time during the Covid-19 pandemic we’re seeing extended 6 hrs. event to avoid mass gathering.

With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases in California, we’ll have these in-game accommodations for some time. What do you think about this, let me know in the comments?

‘Ghastly’ Pokemon

By being a ball of ghostly power, Gastly transforms first into Haunter and then Genger. For all those who don’t know, Genger is quite a useful Pokemon. So, it’s recommended that you grab some additional candies and build a team of ghosts. Even though, Gengar isn’t the powerful Ghost-type attacker. However, you can’t ignore the fact that it hits hard.


AS the event begins, Gastly will start popping up everywhere. So, if you want to get a shiny Ghastly for yourself, just tap on everyone you see until there’s a shiny Gastly. Sooner or later, you’ll have it in your hands as during community days, its occurrence is boosted from 1 Shiny Gastly in every 24.


From 11 in the morning to 7 in the evening, if your Gastly gets advanced into a Gengar, it’ll learn Shadow Punch. I know this isn’t the best move you would make for gyms or raids. However, it packs a great punch for PvP content.


Similar to Gastly, if you’re looking for Ghost-type Pokemon, Gengar is a great option. That’s why it’s a must for you to use high IVs to nap 1 or 2 of them & make sure to power up your team. Furthermore, for PvE content, set up Gengar with shadow ball and Shadow Claw.

During the even period when you put the eggs into the incubators, they’ll hatch in the usual distance of 14. In a way, it’s a boost to the current hatch distance of ½. During the event period, incense will also last for 3 hours. So, make sure you shove every egg you’ve in the incubators.

Frequently Asked Questions | Gastly Community Day

Q – How often we get to see Pokemon Go Community Day?

A – A community day is once in a month event. Every event features a different Pokemon that have a higher rate than others.

Q – Which one is the rarest shiny Pokemon to date?

A – Well, based on our latest research, Hat Pichu appears to be the rarest shiny Pokemon of all time.

Q – When’s the next Pokemon Go Community Days event?

A – Now, the next Pokemon Go Community Days event is scheduled to take place in the months of August/September.

Final Words

That’s all for now. During the Community Day event, you’ve got the chance at getting The Great Gastly. For those of you who don’t know, it’s an exclusive research questline that’ll be only available at community day. To access it, you may have to spend $1 in purchasing a virtual ticket.

Apart from this, the in-game purchase shop will sell a special community day bundle that includes 30 Ultra Balls, 2 super incubators, 1 Elite fast TM & 2 Incense.

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