Phalanx Class Kit & New Weapons

Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s first season introduces the Phalanx class, four new weapons, and gives Endeavor Pass owners exclusive armor sets.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s first season launched on September 8, introducing a new class – the Phalanx – new weapons, and new cosmetics to the game. Fireteam Elite’s Season 1 is fittingly titled Phalanx for the new Colonial Marine loadout. The season provides several free items to all players, but owners of Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Endeavor Pass can receive additional content.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite pits three players together against hives of Xenomorphs and Weyland-Yutani Synthetics (androids) across varying level layouts. There are currently four unique campaigns to explore, providing experience points and enabling further Marine customization.

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The biggest attraction of Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Season 1 is the Phalanx class. Phalanxes can use a combat shield to block enemy projectiles, but the shield is not always raised, so players will need to learn the best situations to utilize this defensive kit. The Phalanx class contains 15 kit-specific perks and encourages more aggressive gameplay than Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Doc or Recon.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Players Get Free Content, Pass Owners Get More

Aliens Fireteam Elite adds Phalanx shield class

The free Aliens: Fireteam Elite content for Season 1 includes four new weapons: the N79 EVA Laser, L59 Minigun, L33 Pike Rifle, and Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle. Weapon decals are also included for free, depicting orange-red camo patterns and a nuclear mushroom cloud near the equipped weapon’s stock.

  • N79 EVA Laser – Emits a powerful, single-shot laser blast that requires a brief charge. Players looking to deal extreme damage against bosses and other powerful enemies should consider adding this to their arsenal.
  • L59 Minigun – A massive, rapid-fire weapon that slows players down and effectively controls Xenomorph hoards.
  • L33 Pike Rifle – A long-range, single-shot rifle for removing enemies at a distance.
  • Type 88 Heavy Assault Rifle – A mid-to-long-range weapon that can take enemies out with rapid-fire shots.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite Endeavor Pass owners can access extra content on top of these items, including Weyland-Yulani-themed armor skins for each class kit, totaling at 12 different armor cosmetics; unique head accessories that range from helmets to cloth coverings; and weapon decals of Wey-Yu logos, alongside a “They Are Here” decal and a radar decal.

Endeavor Pass owners also receive four emotes, including a double thumbs-up, finger guns, air guitar, and a “rock on” sign. Additionally, Aliens: Fireteam Elite players can use the pass’ Consumable Pack,  Credit Pack, and Challenge Card Pack to roll for additional, randomized rewards.

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Season 1: Phalanx is available to download for all owners of the game.

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