PERSONA 5: How to Destroy Reaper? You Will Get To Know About Reaper including, The Trick To Defeating And The Rewards After Your Victory.

PERSONA 5: How to Destroy Reaper

Persona is the most interesting game to be played by the gamers, where Persona 5 appears to be the most difficult one, with the toughest opponents including the Reaper.

Reaper Persona is also known as death. It first appeared in Persona 3.

In the persona series of games, a shadow appears with exploration-based elements. That shadow is the Reaper that is in the series since Persona 3.

In Persona 5 Royal, Reaper is the optional boss, whereas, in Persona 5 Strikers, Reaper is the ultimate boss.

PERSONA 5: How to Destroy Reaper

Profile Of The Reaper In The Persona Series:

There are many variations in the Reaper of the Persona series that made it different from the normal reapers. Normally the reaper carries Scythe, but in the Persona series, the Reaper carries two long-barrel revolvers. Its face is covered with a cloth sack that is stained in blood and has a single and very dangerous white eye to have a look at the surroundings. A cross is also formed by the 2 chains that it wears around its left and right shoulders.

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The Reaper guards the areas where shadows are present. The areas where shadows are present are Tartarus and Mementos. The Reaper either attack when the player spends a long time at a single place or attacks surprisingly inside the treasure chests or around the other objects where the probability of finding valuable items like Power Spots are more.

It is very difficult and unpredictable to defeat it as it has magical powers and is very powerful. Due to the higher stats abnormally, it is a very fast, durable, and hard-hitting reaper. However, its HP is low in comparison to the main boss. The Reaper has the power to spawn anywhere on the map, by using its model.

Reaper Persona 5:

The Reaper in Persona 5 comes back once again as the very strong one. It hunts the Phantom thieves from Aiyatsbus onwards, being present in Mementos as well, after being warned by Morgana about the powerful shadow that is present in Mementos. It appears in the game when the player stays at the same place for about 2 minutes. Its presence is indicated by the sound of rattling chains and red visual rippling effect. The Reaper will then chase the players by moving on the ground. It doesn’t move through the walls. To save themselves from the reaper, the players should stand on the entry or exit platforms to leave the same place. However, the reaper will still be present in the same place for a while. As soon as the Players will get into the Mona car, the reaper will be restored to its indigenous position and will start to keep an eye on the party again.

Powers Of The Reaper:

The reaper is very powerful in competing having a wide variety of attacks and defense as well. It has a property that it cannot nullify, resist, repel or drain any of the elements. It can reduce the damage caused by the attacks and is immune to different kinds of instant kill effects as it has a huge amount of DEF. the Reaper also has the power to use the instant kill effects on the party. Sometimes, despite being immune to such effect the party members are injured, so you should be well prepared to revive them constantly. The Reaper also has the power to attack the weak points of the party member. However, if the weak point is covered or defended successfully on time, the Reaper will not attempt to attack the weak point again soon.

At any point in the battle, if the player uses the magic ointment or Makarakarn on the other players, the Reaper then tends to use concentrate and proceed with Megidolaon. This procedure is repeated continuously by the Reaper until the battle ends.

PERSONA 5: How to Destroy Reaper

Initially, the Reaper always uses concentrated power so be prepared until the reaper uses the magical powers. The Reaper will use Bufudyne or Hamaon like single target skills at first and sometimes will use Megidola or Riot gun in between. After losing 50% of its health, it will start using more difficult hurdles on the party.

The Reaper can be killed after 3 turns, giving an opportunity of an instant win to the party. It is highly advised that the reaper should strike surprisingly as it will allow the reaper to perform only 1 action at each turn. The Reaper cannot be recruited or negotiated at any cost.

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How To Face The Reaper:

Reaper is one of the strong shadows that cannot be defeated easily unless you are at a higher level. In this condition, it is advised to ignore the reaper after its appearance as it is difficult to fight against it.

PERSONA 5: How to Destroy Reaper

However, if you successfully defeat him then you will achieve a trophy and will get a chance to receive Divine Pillar. Divine Pillar is an accessory that has the power to half the damage done by it but you cannot escape after using Divine Pillar. You have to fight against the Reaper then.

There is a short curt to kill the reaper, you can watch the video on youtube

Defeating The Powerful Reaper In Persona 5:

It is advised that the Reaper should be attacked during Flu Season. During the Flu Season, all the shadows including Reaper enter the battlefield under the effects of despair. Thus, you can easily attack the Reaper and kill it with only three turns.

Method To Do So:

  1. During Flu Season, go to the Mementos.
  2. Go to the waiting area and save the progress done by you.
  3. Stay at the same position until the reaper appears after saving the progress.
  4. As soon as the Reaper appears the battle will start.
  5. If the Reaper is in despair condition, continue to fight; if not then escape from the place and reappear afterward to challenge the Reaper again.
  6. Stop the Reaper by using the guard while it is in despair.
  7. As soon as the reaper knocks down from despair, head towards the waiting area and save the progress.
  8. Return to the area again and wait for the Reaper to reappear.

Repeat the same procedure until the reaper dies. Reaper can be mostly killed in 3 turns.

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Rewards After Defeating Reaper:

Massive experience points are gained after defeating reaper. “A Unique Rebel” trophy is also unlocked. Sometimes, the Reaper, after getting killed, drops a Divine Pillar, that can be gained by the player.

PERSONA 5: How to Destroy Reaper


It scores 9.3 out of 10 in the IMDB rating. From the IMDb Rating, you can judge the love and affection get by the game.


These tips and tricks will help you to know more about the Reaper and will help to defeat it. You can follow these steps and make a good win in the Reaper Persona 5.

Good Luck!


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