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If you are a comedy lover, then PAUL BLART: MALL COP 3 is one of the best choices to watch it.

James and Nick Bakay wrote an action comedy film about a cop Paul Blart a state cop.

The American action comedy film Paul Blart Mall Cop was directed by Steve Carr and the sequel by Andy Fickman. The film has released two sequels yet. Kevin James has played a lead role in both of them as an eponymous mall cop.

PAUL BLART: MALL COP was released on January 19, 2009, and was distributed by Sony Pictures. And, the sequel of the film was released on April 17, 2015, titled Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. The sequel of the film was also the first movie that receives Nevada’s film tax credit.

Now, fans are eagerly waiting to watch PAUL BLART: MALL COP 3. Here are all the updates about this upcoming part.

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The Plot of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3:


The titular character Paul Blart lives with his teenage daughter and his mother in West Orange, New Jersey. He suffers from the disease hypoglycemia, due to which he collapses before finishing the training exam.

After that, he got a job near West Orange Pavilion Mall. Paul’s duty is to patrolling around the mall, and he also begins to training his junior Veck Simms, who has little interest in his job. One day Paul got introduced to miss Amy Anderson, who works there as a vendor of the new kiosk. Paul meets her out in the evening with his colleagues.

Two days later, an organized gang of thugs on the night of Black Friday, disguised as Santa’s Village, begins heist inside the mall, and they take Amy and others inside a bank. Simms is the leader of the thug gang. After seeing that all the things. While entering the mall, Paul called Police and planned to leave the mall.

But when he realizes that Amy was still inside, he decided to go back to the mall to save her. Police arrived and ordered Paul to step back and tried handling the situation. he starts fighting Simms and his crew.After some try, Paul captured Simms and put him in handcuffs.

However, after some time, Kent, who is the partner of Simms, pulls his gun on Paul and asked for the phone containing the codes from Paul, but the Cheif Brooks of the mall security arrived and shot them, and arrested them. Because of his bravery, Howard asked him to do a job with New Jersey Police. But, he refused his request and returned as mall security.

While in the sequel of the Film PAUL BLART: MALL COP, the film opens with Paul remembering whatever he experienced in the 6 years since the incident happened at the mall. His wife Amy divorced him within 6 days of marriage, and two years later, his mother gets killed instantly. To feel better, he starts working as a security officer in Los Vegas. Paul and his daughter met the general mangar of Wynn Los VEGAS named Divine Martinez.

Paul feels that he is liking Divine. He gets to know that she is dating the head of security. Whereas, Maya falls in love with the hotel’s valet, named Lane.A security guard of the mall of America who attended the convention knows Paul’s earlier heroic job. He did the West Orange Pavilion Mall incident and wants Paul to be the keynote speaker at the event in the hotel.

During the convention, Vincent Sofitel and his gang were plotting to steal the priceless artworks from the hotel.At the convention, Paul comes to know about Maya that she is flirting with Lane. Vincent and his crew get their plan in motion and put Maya hostage, whereas Lane also got kidnapped while searching Maya. Somehow Paul using non-lethal equipment to take down Vincent’s thugs and saves his daughter Maya and Lane.

The Cast of Paul Blart Mall Cop 3:


If there any release of the Paul Blart Mall Cop3. There will be the same cast probably.

  • The Main Characters of Paul Blart Mall Cop Are:

· Kevin James starred as Paul Blart.

· Raini Rodriguez starred as Maya Blart.

· Jamal Mixon starred as Leon.

· JayamaMays starred as Amy Anderson.

· Keir O’Donnell starred as Veck Simms.

· Bobby Cannavale starred as Commander James Kent.

· Neal McDonough starred as Vincent Sofitel.

· David Henrie starred as Lane.

· Daniella Alonso starred as Divina Martinez.

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Imdb Rating of Paul Blart Mall Cop:

The American action comedy film got a good rating is 5.2 out of 10 in imdb.

Release Date of Paul Blart: Mall Cop3

The announcement and existence of the third part of the film are still not confirmed.

The sequel Paul Blart Mall Cop2 took 6 years to get a release after the first part. However, the makers still have not decided to release the third part of the movie. As soon as they announce, we will update you.

Where Can We Watch Paul Blart Mall Cop3?

You can watch it on netflix.

you can watch it on just justwatch.

you can watch it on sonypictures.

The third part is yet to release.

But you can watch the first and second parts, which are available on Netflix. You can also download it and enjoy.

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In the first and second part of the movie, the makers show the incidents happen in the personal and professional life of Paul Blart. If makers are thinking to release a third part of the movie, they will be showing the continuous story of the life of Paul Blart, Which will be full of comedy-action tragedy like other sequels.

In the first two sequels, we see some comedy, action as well as romantic scenes. So, we can expect some new tragedy featuring the same content in the life of Paul Blart.

If you have any query regarding PAUL BLART: MALL COP3, then you can drop a comment in the comment section. We love to answer.


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