Path of Exile 3.13 Build: Aziire’s CwC Hydrosphere Elementalist

Path of Exile 3.13 Build: Aziire’s CwC Hydrosphere Elementalist

Aziire’s CwC Hydrosphere Elementalist Build

Water and thunder!

To say that Elementalists have been a favorite among casual, competitive, and even build enthusiasts would be a huge understatement. This isn’t just empty fawning, as the ascendancy class wouldn’t enjoy its popularity without merit. And now, in Echoes of the Atlas, there’s a new reason for the class to get love: Aziire’s CwC Hydrosphere Elementalist build. Spend your PoE Currency on it; it’s worth it!

Path of Exile 3.13 Build: Aziire’s CwC Hydrosphere Elementalist

New Skill Making a Splash

One of the Elementalist’s biggest selling points would be its impressive elemental DPS. While many other classes and ascendancies have an affinity towards a particular element, the Elementalist is like the Avatar of Path of Exile, which has a natural affinity with all the elements. However, because of how the game works, there’s still the need for the class to specialize in a particular element. For this particular build, it would be lightning. A rather fitting element for the build, as it relies on the namesake Hydrosphere debuff. If you haven’t heard of the skill before, it’s because it’s a new skill that was only added in Patch 3.13.

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As the name suggests, the skill creates a sphere of water. If there’s already an existing hydrosphere, recasting the skill will move the sphere into a target location. Enemies within its area will then be afflicted by a Drench debuff. This particular debuff increases lightning and ice damage by 10%. You can then hit the hydrosphere with a lightning or cold spell to inflict shock or freeze respectively. After hitting the hydrosphere, it will pulsate, dealing damage per pulsation. Moving the sphere also causes it to pulsate, dealing damage to all Drenched enemies within a large area.

Quite the Shock

The skill that will complement Hydrosphere is Storm Burst, which creates orbs that deal physical damage, and half of it would then be converted to AoE lightning damage. It deals damage every 0.4 seconds, and lasts 1.2 seconds. You do the math.

With Storm Burst being a channeling skill, you need the Cast While Channeling support gem. This will allow you to call forth or reposition the hydrosphere while the Storm Burst is being channeled. With Storm Burst being channeled while the hydrosphere is being moved around, you can deal much damage and inflict Shock, which in turn will help you to deal even further damage.

To ratchet up the damage even more, have Infused Channeling and Concentrated Effect. The latter trades AoE to increase Storm Burst’s damage. It’s worth the loss of AoE so you might as well use this one, unless you have other and better ideas.

Lastly, have Inspiration to reduce the mana cost of these skills, as they will eat up your mana.

Path of Exile 3.13 Build: Aziire’s CwC Hydrosphere Elementalist

The Good, the Bad, and the Other Skills

Before we go further, here are the pros and cons of the build. For the former, the biggest one would be the immense damage it can deal, which can reach up to 20 million. Second would be the fact that most of its skills are synergistic. This makes the build not only fun to play, but also gives every single movement a sense of rhyme and reason. It can also run every map modifier, and it’s very simple to play despite the many mechanics involved that make the build work.

As for the downside, the build requires a lot of movement in the passive skill tree. Thankfully, it’s not much of a performance problem as it is an annoyance. The build can also cause bugs and crashes, so you better have solid hardware if you want to run this build.

However, the biggest issue this build has would be its low defense. It’s more of a kill or be killed build. Thankfully, with its insanely high damage output, you’ll be doing more of the former. Offense, after all, is a good defense, so this flaw shouldn’t hold you back from taking up this build.

With the upsides and downsides out of the way, let’s go to the secondary skills. For utility and defense, have golems—Stone, Chaos, Lightning, and Ice–as well as Immortal Call level 9 with Cast When Damage Taken level 7, and Tempest Shield. To deal damage to very close enemies, have Vaal Righteous Fire. As for mobility, have Shield Charge with Faster Attacks and Fortify.

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For buffs that will further increase your core skills, have Herald of Ice and Hatred, and Herald of Thunder and Enlighten.

Path of Exile 3.13 Build: Aziire’s CwC Hydrosphere Elementalist

Putting on the Wetsuit

Last would be gear, which you should farm or get through PoE trade. Or if you already have the right PoE items but not the right modifiers, you can use PoE orbs. For the helmet, gloves, and belt, go for Rares with the necessary modifiers such as life and elemental resistances. For the weapon, a Rare one-handed wand is recommended. A percentage of physical damage converted to lightning damage, increased level of spell/physical/lightning skill gems, spell damage, critical chance and multiplier, and cast speed.

The rest of the gear are PoE Uniques, which are as follows:

  • Light of Lunaris (Shield)
  • Impulsa’s Broken Heart (Body)
  • Stormcharger (Boots)
  • Choir of the Storm (Amulet)
  • Call of the Brotherhood (Ring)

Aziire’s CwC Hydrosphere Elementalist is definitely a powerful build, making it a must-try. So, what are you waiting for? Get on it and get your enemies wet, then give them a shock.

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