Pablo Escobar: 10 Insane Facts Of Drug Lord

pablo escobar
pablo escobar

Pablo Escobar is a name that is famous because this man who single-handedly made billions of dollars by running a drug cartel. The life story of Pablo Escobar got known by the public when Netflix released a show based on his life called Narcos. Besides, we know he burned piles of cash because his daughter Manuela Escobar had caught a cold.

Narcos depicted how the drug cartels operated by Pablo Escobar managed to grab the most significant authority in Columbia. His name became the brand, and his enemies, including the government, couldn’t touch him.

Details of his daughter Manuela Escobar, wife Tata Escobar, and other members of his family are still secret because no one knows where they are. In this article, we will share some interesting unknown facts about Pablo Escobar, which you didn’t know earlier.

Pablo Escobar: Top Ten Facts

Pablo Sold Stolen Cars And Tombstones

Before he became the drug lord of Columbia, very few people know that Pablo used to sell stolen cars and tombstones. He used to deal with stolen cars and resell them to the smugglers at a higher rate along with monuments also.

The start of the most significant drug cartel business has started with the selling of tombstones, and ultimately he now rests below one of those.

Pablo Was Named Robinhood In Columbia

As Narcos Depicted, Pablo Escobar knew the business of drug cartels more cleverly than anyone else. He tried to be the messiah of the poor people in Columbia by giving lots of charity to them. He even got a nicknamed Robinhood for helping poor people, and that was the reason why he wanted to become the president of Columbia also.

Escobar Burned $2 Million Cash For His Daughter

The fact that might shock everyone is that Escobar burned down $2 million of cash for his only daughter Manuela Escobar. When she felt cold in a room, Pablo had no other things to burn to keep the temperature warm. Instead, he decided to burn $2 million of cash for his daughter Manuela Escobar who is quite famous.

He Spent $2500 per Month On Rubber Bands To Bind The Money

It might sound fake but Pablo Escobar was indeed spending $2500 per month on rubber bands only. Some people still can’t earn this much money per month, but Pablo was making quite a fortune in his prime time.

Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar

His Net Worth Crossed $30 Billion Benchmark

People know big companies’ CEOs’ net worth, which is in billions of dollars, but there was a time when Pablo surpassed everyone. During his prime time, it was estimated that his net worth crossed the $30 billion benchmark, which is still quite shocking, knowing the amount of money he made by selling drugs.

He Smuggled Cocaine In Airplane Tires

There are various smart ways Pablo Escobar used to bring cocaine illegally into the United States. One of those ways is by smuggling cocaine into airplane tires that might sound quite filmy, but it’s true. Tons of cocaine was supplied in American soil by using this method by Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar

No One Knows Where His Daughter Manuela Escobar Is Living

As might it sound great to hear how much money Pablo made, it also ultimately got him killed brutally. After her father’s death, Manuela Escobar is reportedly said to be living in an unknown country along with her mother. She hasn’t been traced, and experts believed she must be living with an anonymous name also.

Pablo Bought Learjet Only For Transferring His Money

The amount of cash generated by Pablo while he was in the drug cartel business was so high that he had to buy a Learjet just for the sake of transferring money. He wanted no interruption when it came to his hard-earned money and bought a Learjet solely for it.

For Changing Extradition Law, He Offered To Pay Off Columbia’s Debt

As might, it sounds silly, but the Columbian government got an offer from Pablo Escobar himself. He agreed to pay off the nation’s debt of more than $10 billion at that time on a condition of making changes to extradition law. He wanted to change the law that was binding him to do business and could make him imprisoned.

Pablo Escobar Narcos
Pablo Escobar Narcos

Pablo Escobar’s Daughter Got Almost Deaf in A Car Bomb Explosion

In an attempt to kill Pablo Escobar, his enemies planted a bomb in the car at his Monaco apartment building. The explosion was so loud that it’d been said that Manuela Escobar experienced an almost deaf situation. Pablo blamed drug traffickers for making this explosion, which became a failed attempt to kill him.

Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar

Final Words

It might sound unusual to know about Pablo Escobar and his family, it’s a known fact that the gangster had his own style. Netflix created narcos is the TV show that gathered an immense amount of popularity worldwide by showing the life of Pablo Escobar.

The rise and fall of the drug lord is quite an exciting story, and don’t forget to tell us which fact you liked the most in a comment section below.

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