Overlord Season 4: What’s Next for Fan-Favorite Anime

Overlord season 4
Overlord season 4

A few years back in 2018 when Overlord Season 3 ended, no one thought Japanese dark fantasy anime will take so much time in releasing the Overlord season 4. Initially released as a Novel series and manga, Overlord received high praise from fans. Because of its ever-growing popularity, Overlord was released as an anime television series in 2015 and by the end of 2018, it had completed 3 seasons with 13 episodes in each season. Now, it’s almost 2 years and we don’t even trailer of the upcoming season.

Every anime fan is wondering when Overlord Season 4 will release? Or the anime concluded as a trilogy? I know you might have several questions in your head. If you want to get answers to all of your doubts then do read out this complete post –

Overlord Season 4 Release Date

Will there be Overlord season 4? Well, I know you might have a question at the back of your head. So, let me it clear once and for all.

Yes, there’ll be Overlord season 4. In fact, last year at AnimagiC, the screenwriter of the Overlord anime series commented on the possibility of Overlord season 4 to be ‘extremely likely’.

If you ask me when Overlord Season 4 will release, I’ve got a theory. I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong. So, don’t get your hopes high. Overlord season 1 got released for everyone in 2015, whereas Overlord season 2 and season 3 ended in 2019. Well, by looking at this past trend, I can assume that the Overlord season might be scheduled to release in 2021. What do you think of this theory? Do let me know your views in the comments section given below.

Btw, there might be some additional delay because of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the entertainment industry all over the world. As a result of the widespread, almost every production house has halted the further production of programs. Be it anime, tv shows, or movies.

Overlord Season 4 Trailer

As I said earlier, we don’t have any information on the release date of Overlord season 4, how can expect to watch its trailer.

Well, I don’t blame you. YouTube or other popular video sharing sites are full of fan-made trailers.

Remember, there isn’t any official trailer of Overlord season 4. However, if you haven’t seen the Overlord season 3 then you can watch its official trailer before watching the complete season –

Overlord Season 4 Plot

That’s the sad part. The production house behind the Overlord anime series has not revealed the official plot for season 4. Tell me, isn’t this sad?

Leaving all the sadness behind, let’s discuss the possible plot for the upcoming season with the conclusion of Season 3.

Ainz will be the main protagonist. That’s expected as he’s been the main lead since the start. As the anime has progressed, we’ve seen him gaining new abilities, capabilities. In a similar fashion, we will discover some of his new that can be used to combat all his in-game barriers.

The way season 3 ended, I believe season 4 might show how Ainz discovering all his new world. Further, he’ll try his best to find the exact reason behind the trap. Emperor Season 4 will be the extension of season 3’s plot and the experiences of the lead character “Ainz.”.

Overlord Season 3 Review

After finishing this season I realized how great the visual novels must be. I might be repeating myself but honestly, the world-building in this show is so well made! Some might think that it’s boring or that it introduces a lot of characters that have no worth in the main plot, but at the end of the day it really helps you get immersed in that fantasy world, and this is what good storytelling is all about. Its heart and soul will always be its world and characters because that is what it does best.

But that’s not the only thing that wins you over in Overlord. It goes out of the ordinary by showing protagonists that are actually the overpowered villains of the story. We get introduced to the inhabitants of the world, get attached to them only to see Ainz and his gang take their lives in the future. I think it’s funny how this show has gone from finding out where Ainz is and if there are other players out there to watching a powerful Overlord taking over the world.


  • You’ll get deeply invested in the anime because of its engaging character and its out-of-the-box unique story.
  • Good wit and humor. Dialogues are hilarious.
  • Nice world-building


  • Lacking in the action department.
  • Not good animation.

Final Words

Throughout the previous seasons of Overlord, the complete attention is totally dependent on Ainz. Overlord season 3 had the same issue as everything was revolving around Ainz. That’s one of the reasons why you might think of skipping it.

However, I would request to still watch it. Ene if it does not match your interests. Apart from this, the animation is yet another thing that ruined the complete show for me. Throughout the 3 seasons, it’s nothing but mediocre.

Leaving all the cons behind, the only thing that kept me engaging with the Overlord anime series is the plot. It’s kind of amazing. I hope with Overlord season 4, producers will fix its minor cons and bring us the upcoming season with an exciting and exceptional plot.

That’s all for now.

What do you think will happen in the Overlord season 4. Let me know your speculations via the comments section given below. I would love to read them out.


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