Outlander Season 6 – Is It Confirmed Or Not? Know Everything About It

outlander season 6

Netflix has always put its best in making web series for the audience. Over the past few years, Netflix is getting more popularity than any other online platform and is one of the fastest-growing online streaming platforms in the world. There are tons of series like, Sex education, Money Heist, Making a Murderer, Gilmore Girls, The order, and many more which are quite popular among people. One of the popular series is Outlander.

Outlander is already gaining a lot of appreciation over the past few years. This series is a perfect example of Romantic and drama sitcoms which the audience always adores watching. Till now, this series has been able to pull off 5 seasons back to back for the audience. With great ratings and support from the fans, this series is able to entertain the people with its season. 

As season 5 of Outlander has already finished airing, the audience is waiting for season 6. In a report, the show makers have already confirmed that the Outlander will be back with its all-new season 6. 

outlander season 6

In this article, I’m going to share everything I know so far about this series and its upcoming season 6. If you are a fan then don’t go anywhere without completing this article. 

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Outlander – What do you need to know?

An American period drama that was first released on 9 August 2019 was something that gained both the views and ratings by the people. Historical romantic dramas are always popular among the audience. This series is actually an adaptation of a novel series named Outlander (the same name as the series). The author of this novel series is Diana Gabaldon. 

Released in 2014, this series abruptly got millions of viewership and praises. The show follows the historical romance which is an all-time jam for the people. The series is amazingly developed by Ronald D. Moore. Outlander show stars Caitriona Balfe as the main protagonist of the show.

Moreover, she follows the character of Claire Randall who is serving in the military as a nurse. She was working in Scotland as a military nurse and the time was set around the time of the 1700s era. The male lead of the show is Sam Heughan who acts as a Charming Highlander Jamie Fraser of the same city. 

After the release of the first season, the show was immediately booked to release its second season for the fans. The audience started to love the amazing historic storyline of this show and people want to know more about this series. 

outlander season 6

Likewise, the show has released its five-season for the audience and now, the public wants to know the release status of the sixth series. As the time is running, people couldn’t wait more of the sixth season which has reported to confirmed. Let’s find out the whole thing in the next section. 

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Outlander season 6 – Is it coming or not? 

The Outlander became one of the most popular Netflix series with a high viewership over the few years. The show has finished the airing of the fifth season in 2020. The first season was announced to premiere on 16 February 2020 and ended on 10 May 2020. 

After season 5 ends, the show creators left the story in suspense. The people want to end this cliffhanger but the story demands another season. 

Many predicted that the fifth season will be the last on the list for the outlanders but surprisingly there is another one for the show admirer. In the year 2020. The show is again got renewed for the sixth season. 

More than that, it was also officially announced that the series will pick up the storyline from the novel series which shares the same name. Also, the plot of the sixth season of outlander will be originally based on the part A Breath of Snow and Ashes and An echo of the Bone. 

The show officials have also announced that the series will contain 12-episodes. The Outlander series also booked for the seventh season. So, the fans can now at least be happy about this news. 

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Outlander Season 6 – When it is going to release?

The series of Outlander is already renewed for season five on 16 February 2020. After the end of season five, the show makers have revealed that the series is got the green light for the sixth season and seven seasons. 

Season 6 was announced already and it’s being 1 year since there are any updates about the sixth series. The show has reported starting the production earlier this year and as the production has been started we can hope to see the series soon. 

Other than that, the officials have not announced any release date so far but looking at the condition of the world again there is plenty of time. The Covid-19 crisis is again hitting the road and the world is on its way to impose lockdown but till now there is no report of the USA being in this situation. However, the production may continue to happen. If everything goes fine, we might able to see season 6 somewhere at the end of this year or maybe 2022. 

I am still waiting for the official date to announce it so that the audience can rely on it. All the above are the possibilities that are not confirmed in the news. 

outlander season 6

If there will any updates, I’ll edit this section for you. So, keep an eye on this article and save it as a bookmark for the regular updates of this show. 

Final words

The series has reported being back on the Starz again for its brand new season 6. The release date f this series hasn’t confirmed yet but the production has reported starting. The series will cast the same actors as it has before. But as the series is known to add multiple characters, it will be great to see new faces. After the story ends, there are many more to add to the list. The story demands the new season. The show makers have confirmed the sixth and seven-season respectively. Other than that, there are no updates for the series. If there will then I’ll let you know.

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