OnePlus Nord: MKBHD video on Design & Specifications

OnePlus Nord

There were so many speculations going on about the upcoming OnePlus Nord phone, and now we have some official news about it. In a recent MKBHD video, we can see the first look of the OnePlus Nord being revealed by the company.

OnePlus is that company which has failed to keep up the secrets of its upcoming phone launch. The rumours about the OnePlus Nord have been going around since the company announced this phone.

OnePlus is planning to return to the midrange phones, and for that, they are bringing OnePlus Nord which, according to experts, is going to cost you less than $500. 

OnePlus Nord, MKBHD video

Brownlee, in its latest video, showed us what the Oneplus Nord would look like. We can see that the OnePlus Nord has almost the same resemblance with the Oneplus 8, which was released a year ago. OnePlus Nord has the same curved edges, shiny backside, camera strip, and a central logo of OnePlus.

The one big thing which the company made is to place the camera strap to the upper left corner of the phone. OnePlus has been the camera in the centre position of every smartphone from the last few years. 

The phone’s front side shows a dual selfie camera of which is placed at the upper-left corner of the screen. If we look at the bezels of the phone they are quite similar to that of iPhone XR. Also, you will find a USB-C port and sim tray at the bottom of the smartphone. 

Brownlee also talked about the designing process of the upcoming smartphone to OnePlus Co-founder Carl Pei. Pei said the company delayed the launch of Nord so that the design of the smartphone will be adjusted accordingly.

OnePlus wanted this phone to resemble their previous phones and had to make some significant changes in the designing process. 

OnePlus already said that the phone would have 5G along with a snapdragon 765 processor. This midrange smartphone is going to cost less than $500. The company is planning to launch on 21st July, and it will be first available in Indian and European market.

The rumours say the OnePlus Nord will have a 6.55-inch OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate, a 4,300mAh battery, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

However, one particular thing which many techies observed in this interview is that Pei unofficially might have revealed the company’s upcoming product also. He was seen to be wearing the light blue coloured buds which the company is planning to reveal soon. If the rumours are right, then these are also going to be announced on 21st July’s launch event. 

OnePlus Nord: Where to Watch?


Brownlee also talked about the various features and the component cost of OnePlus Nord with Pei. You can see their detailed discussion in the official video of MKBHD. If you’re looking for your trusted source on latest tech news, stay tuned.

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