One Punch Man Season 3: Japanese Hero Franchise Know the Release Date and the New Updates

“One Punch Man Season 3” Japanese Franchise Hero.

It is the most loved series by the Anime fans. the viewers love the season 1 and season 2 very much after the end of season 2 they are eagerly waiting for the season 3 which was delayed by the pandemic attack of COVID-19 some of its users are disappointed by this delay but the show is completely adored by the fans of anime.

The story of the Japanese hero, named Saitama which is a bald nearly about the age of 25 years living in an area of the earth where the monsters are causing great destruction in their livelihood which is a serious issue for the concern but our hero, Saitama is so powerful that he can kill his enemy with a single punch he is so strong that no one has guts to fight with him alone. both the season is aired completely and now its time for season 3 to get all the love and support like the above 2 seasons got.

One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man Season 3: Plot Line

It is a story type tale in which a character name Saitama who is a bald man of age about 25 years, who is so much power that he can kill his enemy with a single punch, he has trained himself in such a way that he can kill anyone with a punch but his power become worthless because he only uses his power for fun his biggest enemy in the fiction is Lord Boros who is stronger than the One Punch Man.

Who is Stronger Saitama or Lord Boros

As Saitama is not the most powerful character in the fiction, he only has trained himself for just punching his enemy just for fun his most powerful enemy is Lord Boros he is the one who has survived after many punches given to him by Saitama but he is also strongest to kick him out in the space.

Is One Punch Man Season 3 is out?

No, the one punch man season 3 is not out but it is going to be out very soon as at the end of the last season2 of one punch man it was announced that they will come again with a new season very soon but the new season got delayed due to a Virus, that is the pandemic attack of COVID-19 but the one punch man season 3 is going to be out on May 2021 according to the reports but is not revealed by the creators.

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Release date

As no official date is announced for the One Punch Man Season 3 release but it is heard that season 3 is going to be released in May 2021 but the creators have not announced any dates. the delay in release date happens because of the COVID 19 pandemic attack the fans of the anime has no choice except for waiting for the new season that is the season 3.

One Punch Man Season 3

Character in One Punch Man Season 3.

The one punch man has a number of interesting characters that are listed below-

  • Saitama.
  • Genos.
  • King.
  • Flashy Flash.
  • Superalloy Darkshine.
  • Tatsumaki.
  • Bang.
  • Sweet Mask
  • Blast
  • Fubuki
  • Metal
  • Tank top master
  • Flashy flash

Above are some of the characters of the one punch man, as also heard that the new characters are also seen in season 3 but are not disclosed till now but will be updated soon after by official information by the creators of the “One Punch Man Season 3”.

Trailer Of One Punch Man Season 3

Here is a look for the anime fans who are curiously waiting for what is going to be next in the new season.


In the above article, we have discussed the one punch man season 3, a bald man of age about 25 years who kills his enemy with a single punch and wanted to save his subcontinent earth from the destruction of the monster and later why have discussed why the delay occurs on the releasing for the new season and expected time on which the season will be released but not completely sure as not announced by the creators till now.

Frequently Asked Question

Q-Can Saitama can be killed as he is so powerful?

A-Undoubtedly he could be killed he is not immortal.

Q- Who is the 25-year bald man?

A-Saitama the main character of the fiction is a bald man.

Q- who is Goku?

A- Goku is also a fictional character of Dragonball Z who is stronger than Saitama as comparing both fiction.

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