One Day At A Time Season 4: Official Teaser| Episode Wise Plotline| Critical Responses

"Lively without being rushed" thanks to the full 30 minutes run time." Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times said regarding the One Day At A Time Season 4.

“One Day At A Time” is an American drama series which is formulated by Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce for Netflix. Being one of the Netflix shows the One Day stands up for a great estimated show. The fresh season, One Day At A Time season 4 broadcasts on March 24, 2020, after the dissolution.

At first, the show is marked to be dropped after the three installments by Netflix but executives don’t want to quit the show. In order to revive the show, they started looking for other Global Entertainment Platforms that will renew the “One Day At A Time” series.

On June 27, 2019, Sony Picture stood up with the CBS Corporation in order to air the show from their side. After some extent, the show enters into production, and later thirteen episodes of the show breath under the guidance of Via, Pop Tv, and executive channels.

Our beloved actors reconvene again in the show after three hits, what about evoking them first, and then we will check the premise?

Actors of One Day At A Time Season 4-

Before the release of the fourth installment, creators already announced a handful of names who will be there in the show surely!

The first name on the list is Rita Moreno as Cuban-American grandmother and after that, it was reported that Justina Machado had been cast as Penelope, Moreno’s character’s daughter.

Although Justina Machado as Penelope Francisca del Carmen is in the show with Ed Quinn as Max Ferraro, Sheridan Pierce as Syd, Santina Muha as Beth, Nicky Endres as Cynthia, Alex Quijano as Mateo, India de Beaufort as Avery, and Raquel Justice as Nora.

Putting the fourth bit of actors aside, Fiona Gubelmann, Ariela Barer, Froy Gutierrez as Josh Flores, Eric Nenninger, Haneefah Wood, Mackenzie Phillips, and Judy Reyes as Ramona are disregarded from the show.

One day at a time season 4

Episode List With Short Plotline-

The show has only seven episodes which are covering the whole story of the fourth installment. Below we have discussed them.

1.Checking Boxes-

The show starts with the Census arrives in the house of the Alvarez family where the fam reflects their connection and relationship with each other.

2. Penny Pinching-

The episodes in which Penelope considers the need to switch her affiliation with money and to do buy something unusual!

3. Boundaries-

Boundaries, the secoond episode is a bit tragic and unbearable for Alex because he finds out about his mother in a compromising position. On the other side, she wants Penelope to talk to him regarding sex and hookups.

4. One Halloween At A Time-

Halloween is the most enjoyable carnival but for the Alvarez family it comes out to be a piece of shocking revelation! Lydia finds out something really shocking in the kitchen’s trash.

Flipping the coin, Schneider and Avery are busy arranging their Halloween attires in order to win the “costume contest.”


Alex wants to get a big-hearted amount of money. In this episode, we see how Alex does this what happened with Schneider and Avery must and that unwanted gift.

6. Supermoon-

The title itself exposes the beauty. Whenever there be a supermoon in the azure the beauty of nature comes at its peak. On the same night, Alvarezes and others want to elaborate romantic settings, marriage proposals but for what? It persists unrevealed in the story only the moon knows about it.

7.The Politics Episode-

It is the final and the last episode of the One Day At A Time series. In this, we see the family is discussing how to come out from this.

We have added a small discretion but if you want to know the comprehensive plotline, then I think you should watch the complete season.

One Day At A Time Season 4- Official Teaser

Let’s Enjoy the One Day At A Time Season 4 together🤝.

Where We Can Watch “One Day At A Time” Series?

Wanting to stream the new season or in love with the old? Whatever your answer is, you can enjoy and stream its complete four seasons on its official website, CBS.

Despite this, it is currently available on Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, and POP Tv.

Critical Responses-

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the series secures an approval rating of 97% which is based on 34 reviews. Some critical responses-

Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times found said-“lively without being rushed” thanks to the full 30 minutes run time.

David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle summed, “The show is nicely written … and the performances are almost universally engaging”

 Kelly Lawler at USA Today noted that Elena’s coming-out arc in the first season has drawn special praise from LGBT critics for its “unique, realistic and refreshing take on the subject… The depiction of a young, happy Latina lesbian comes as a hopeful sign for many.”

Autostraddle’s Yvonne Marquez called the arc “mind-blowing,” and stated that the show revolutionary because “it centers the family’s brownness and provides ample social commentary to deliver a fantastic modern-day sitcom.”

Now it’s your turn! Comment down your honest reviews and opinions regarding the One Dat At A Time.

One day at a time season 4

Well, that it! we have reported everything about the show in this post, wanna ask us anything regarding the same or other series then comment down your doubts. We would adore to clear them for you. You can also read- Pandora Season 2: Priscilla Quintana Comeback In The Show! All Updates.


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