See the inside Story of the Business with ‘on the Verge of Insanity’.

On the verge of insanity

If you are naming a South Korean television series at the time, few will get into your mind but if you haven’t watched “On the Verge of Insanity“, you should take it.

Today, in this article, I will tell you about this series and you may not hear it but to fully enjoy it, watching this series will be the best option.

In this series, you can see attractive business stories and this series will keep you hooked.

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  • On the Verge of Insanity (Korean: 미치지 않고서야; RR: Michiji Ankoseoya; lit. No One but a Madman) is a 2021 South Korean television series.
  •  It aired on MBC TV from June 23 to August 26, 2021.
  • It has 16 episodes in it.
  • The country of origin is South Korea and the language is Korean.
  • The running time of the series is 70 minutes.
  • Its stars are Jung Jae-young, Moon So-ri, Lee Sang-yeob and Kim Ga-eun.
  • The original network is MBC Tv.

Production of “on the Verge of Insanity”

The first script read by the cast was made at the Changwon International Hotel. Many forums involving local people were involved, with small roles being created. These people are being broadcast from South Gyeongsang Province as the series is set in that area.

Synopsis of “on the Verge of Insanity”

On the verge of insanity

Choi Ban-Seok is a professional engineer, who loves his job. He works in the electronics division as an engineer, under HanKyung Electronics. He is a kind and integrated person with a big heart. He had 22 years of experience in the workplace. He had the biggest problem in his entire career.

Even after he became an engineer, he was sent to the Department of Labor. He has no idea what is going on in the labor department. Even then, he decides not to leave the company but to work for it as it is.

Dang Ja-Young, the head of the labor department, is new to the position. She is an overworked person and aspires to be the first female officer. As if he is new to this position, and Choi is new, he does not understand what to do with him.

The movie is about how they work together and his life changes a bit with him by working with him in the same department.

Cast & Crew Members of the “on the Verge of Insanity”

Main Cast

  1. Jung Jae-young as Choi Ban-seok (Developer in Hankyung Electronics home appliances. Although an experienced engineer, he ends up joining the HR team after a series of times and up).
  2. Lee Sang-yeob as Han Se-kwon (Development team leader related to company owner).
  3. Kim Ga-eun as Seo Seo-ri (The deputy of the planning team).
  4. Moon So-ri as Dang Ja-young (The overworked head of the HR team honored by his young students for his outstanding leadership and trusted by his management for his mental strength).

Supporting Members

On the verge of insanity

People in office building

  • Cha Chung-hwa as Kim Jung-ah
  • Im Hyun-soo as So Sang-wook
  • Cheon Hee-joo as Gye Bo-ram
  • Kim Jin-ho as Bae Jung-tak
  • Lim Il-gyu as Oh Jae-il

People in headquarters

  • Jo Bok-rae as Han Seung-gi
  • Kang Ju-sang as Noh Jae-yeol
  • Kang Yeon-woo as Park Hoon-jung

People in research building

  • Kim Nam-hee as Shin Han-soo
  • Park Won-sang as Peng Su-gon
  • Dong Hyun-bae  as Ki Jung-hyun
  • Baek Min-hyun as Ahn Jun-soo
  • Kim Joong-ki  as Go Jung-sik
  • Oh Yong as Pyun Dong-il
  • Ahn Nae-sang as Noh Byung-guk
  • Park Sung-geun  as Gong Jung-pil

On the verge of insanity

Extended Members

  • Jung Sung-hoon as Yoon Gi-joon
  • Kim Yoon-seo as Jung Sung-eun
  • Kim Ye-eun as Oh Hye-yeon
  • Jung Yeo-jun as Gil Chang-hwan
  • Yoo Jung-rae as Eo Hae-mi
  • Kim Seon-ah as Kim Seul-ah
  • Oh Yu-na as Heo Ga-young

Release Date of “on the Verge of Insanity”

The release date of the series On the verge of insanityis June 23, 2021 to August 26,2021.

Where Can We Watch on the Verge of Insanity?

You can easily stream it online on Just Watch . But before watching, just go and subscribe to the channel.

Trailer of “on the Verge of Insanity”

Here is a teaser available of On the verge of insanity”. You can watch the trailer to get more information regarding the series.

Ratings of “on the Verge of Insanity”

“On the verge of insanity” does not get great ratings; it has an Imdb rating of 5.5 out of 10. But maybe the series has just been released which is why it doesn’t get the brilliant ratings.

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