Oklahoma: Department of Health Selling Hydroxychloroquine Stock

Oklahoma's State Health Department Reselling the drug

Oklahoma State Department of Health was in the news in April when it purchased a massive emergency stockpile of Hydroxychloroquine drug to treat the COVID-19 patients. Well, this time it’s in the news because it is planning to sell the stock of the drug. 

The malaria drug caught worldwide attention when the studies of its effectiveness in corona treatment surfaced. The Department of Health from Utah and Oklahoma spent millions to purchase the drug stock in April. 

Republican politicians from the states were facing the criticism for spending the million on a drug without considering actual effectiveness against coronavirus. However, this month the FDA has recommended against the use of this drug. 

After the drug has become a point of criticism by the doctors and FDA, the state is planning to sell off its drug stock. 

Oklahoma and Hydroxychloroquine

Oklahoma’s state Health Department spent $2 million on Hydroxychloroquine. Now that it’s been scrutinized by the FDA, it’s back for sale on the market. Clay Bullard, a medical consultant, has purchased the drug stockpile after the Governor of the state requested him to do so. 

The drug was trending due to various studies coming out recommending it. Even a member from the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision have tried to support the drug for coronavirus treatment. 

However, Bullard thinks that the decision from the Health Department is not wise. He believes that the drug has fallen victim to notorious anti-Trump politics, as President Trump tried to promote it. The doctors and politicians are spreading the negativity around it to prove Trump wrong, he says.

Clay Bullard thinks that the government should retain the stockpile longer for waiting to see the results from the studies proving the effectiveness of the drug. He thinks of it as insurance. 

The resale of the drug will only incur a loss to the government at the moment since there’s been negative coverage given to it by the media and politicians. 

Exciting input from Bullard is that he still gets calls from patients asking for the doctors who are prescribing Hydroxychloroquine. 

Final Words

What do you think about Oklahoma’s hurried purchase and now, sale of Hydroxychloroquine? Do you think it’s an effective drug against coronavirus? Make sure to drop comments below. Follow us for more news. Please, share this article with everyone you know to spread awareness around the controversial drug. 

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