Oklahoma Schools to Receive Protective Equipment

Oklahoma Schools Receive Help from Gov. Stitt

Oklahoma City – Oklahoma schools are hit by COVID-19 pandemic along with the other states. To fight off the outbreak of the virus in the Sooner state, Governor Kevin Stitt is back in action with effective measures. This time, Gov. Stitt has announced good news for the school teachers and students of the State. 

Governor Kevin Stitt has decided to deploy a fund of $10M for purchasing a stock of protective equipment for the schools of Oklahoma. On July 30, Gov. Stitt has announced that he will be using a $10M fund for schools under CARES Act. The protective equipment is going to be immensely helpful for the students and teachers under the pandemic.

Oklahoma Schools to Get Masks and Gowns

On July 30, Gov. Stitt held an in-person press conference announcing this major step for the education sector of the State. He has given this first-ever in-person press conference since the time he had tested positive and isolated himself for almost two weeks. 

However, he didn’t wear a mask during the conference. To which he defended by saying that he had already had COVID and now he’s alright. 

He said, “Schools are an essential part of our society,” said Gov. Stitt. “It is critically important that they operate safely and effectively for all students. I am committed to providing our schools with the resources and support they need in order to welcome students back to the classroom while also prioritizing their health.”

Press Release Note, July 30

Oklahoma state’s citizens are his priority, he said. The schools are going to receive a large stock of face masks, gowns and medical face shields.  

He announced that the State is going to provide almost 1.7 million reusable face masks. The two masks per teacher and students have been provisioned under the plan. 

  • 42,000 face shield
  • 1.2 million pairs of medically approved disposable gloves
  • 1.2 million medically approved disposable gowns

He said that the medical equipment would be sent to the schools all over the State before August 14. 

He has ordered the Department of Health and Department of Education to work together for protecting the students and teachers of the State. 

A plan is formed to test the teachers of Oklahoma every month, which should be in action by August 21. 

After his press conference, Joy Hofmeister, Oklahoma’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction released a press note thanking the Governor. 

She applauded him for his action plan for the education sector of the State, which will help the schools and protect the educational year of students. 

She said, “We are grateful to our federal delegation and Gov. Stitt for this funding to mitigate the significant impact COVID-19 has had on student learning,” said Hofmeister. “It is critical that we continue to explore additional avenues of support for our students and schools.”

 – Press Note from Hofmeister’s Office 

Final Words

Oklahoma’s Governor is doing all he can and must to protect the citizens of the State. Recently, the State is planning to sell the stock of Hydroxychloroquine it had bought in April for $2M. This brilliant action plan to deploy protective equipment can save the educational year of the students of Oklahoma. 

What’re your thoughts on it? Do you support this move? Drop your comments below. Make sure to share this article with your fellow Oklahomans. Keep following us for the latest news from Oklahoma. 

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