Official Release Date of Alexa and Katie Season 5

Alexa and Katie is what, an American sitcom that becomes demand of all the fans. Now all are excited to know everything about.........

Are you in search of any interesting sitcom? If really then exactly you are at right place because here is one such sitcom which may satisfy your need……………..

Alexa and Katie is one of the best American sitcom. This sitcom stars Paris Berelc and Isabel May as Alexa and Katie who are high school students that are suffering from the serious diseases called cancer and her best friend.


The sitcom also signifies the lifelong best friends called Alexa and Katie, who are eagerly anticipating the beginning of their freshman. These 2 friends confront a crisis when Alexa creates that she is completely ill with the serious disease named cancer.

After the premiere and finale of the 4th Season, all the fans are excited to know more about the next installment i.e. Alexa and Katie Season 5. Don’t you feel excited? Give your preference in the comment box…………………….

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To satisfy your eagerness and excitement, I have a solution for all of you. The article consists of all the important information like what happens in the 5th Season, who are the casting characters, when will it come on our screen, when can we watch this, the ratings of the series…………..

Alexa and Katie Season 5

As I told you above that Alexa and Katie Season 5 is an interesting and mind blowing American sitcom which is based on the story of 2 close friends called Alexa and Katie. They both studied in the same high school.

Alexa and Katie Season 5 is created by Heather Wordham as a Netflix original series. Matthew Carlson is the showrunner of the series. The main stars of the series are Emery Kelly, Finn Carr, Jack Griffo, Eddie Shin, Jolie Jenkins and Tiffani Thiessen.

Initially, the series was debuted on 23rd March, 2018 on Netflix and continued for 3 Seasons that concluded on 13th June 2020.

After reading such an interesting overview let’s have a look over the upcoming date of the series…………..

When will the 5th Season of Alexa and Katie be on our screen?| The Premiere Date

There will not be any 5th Season of Alexa and Katie anytime soon. The last episode of Alexa and Katie aired on 13th June, 2020 on Netflix.


It might be disappointing for all the fans that their loving and favorite series is not coming soon. Let’s hope something good for the series………….

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What can we expect from the 5th Season of Alexa and Katie?| The Plot

As there is no 5th Season of Alexa and Katie, there is no storyline that will continue ahead. Previously, the series had 2 girls called Alexa and Katie who were moving on the next stage of their life i.e. they were entering to experience the life of college with all their friends in the last episodes of the series………..

In the previous seasons of Alexa and Katie, both the girls studied in the same high school and were suffering from cancer. They both undergo treatment for their illness that makes them feel like outsiders. Katie makes an important decision to support Alexa and shaves her own head with Alexa.

They both face all the problems through the high school that came when Alexa is facing with situation of the serious disease named Cancer.


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Who are the Casting Characters of Alexa and Katie?

  • Paris Berelc as Alexa
  • Isabel May as Katie, Alexa’s best friend
  • Jolie Jenkins as Jennifer
  • Emery Kelly as Lucas
  • Eddie Shin as Dave
  • Finn Carr as Jack
  • Tiffani Thiessen as Lori
  • Jack Griffo as Dylan
  • Kerri Medders as Gwenny
  • Iman Benson as Reagan
  • Merit Leighton as Hannah
  • Nathaniel J. Potvin as Ryan
  • Nadja Alaya as Megan
  • Alyssa Jirrels as Vanessa
  • Ricky Garcia as Cameron
  • Scott Wordham as Barry
  • Jordan Austin Smith as Cody
  • Constance Marie as Dr. Corts
  • Gunner Burkhardt as Spencer
  • Barrett Carnahan as Aiden
  • Brady Smith as Joe
  • Anthony Keyvan as Nathan
  • Megan Truong as Britney
  • Tess Aubert as Mackenzie
  • Jenica Bergere as Coach Winters
  • Katie Walder as Ms. Rogers
  • Carmella Riley as Nurse Lynda
  • Avery Monsen as Nurse Chad
  • Liam Attridge as Steve
  • Gregg Daniel as Dr. Breitweiser

These all are the main, recurring and guest stars of the series.

Is there any Trailer for Alexa and Katie?

As there is no Season 5, then here is no official trailer for the 5th Season. But you can get some idea by the official trailer of the series which is given below:

The IMDb Rating of Alexa and Katie

The IMDb Rating of the series is 7.5 out of 10.

Final Words

Alexa and Katie is one of the best American sitcom that reveals the true friendship of both the true friends called Alexa and Katie. But the series will not come for the 5th Season as the girls now enter in the college life. Their school life has been end…….


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