Here Is The Best Review You Can Get Of Nothing Ear Headphones!

In many ways, Nothing’s first attempt at truly wireless earphones ticks all of the correct boxes. With a weight of only 4.7g, these earphones are among the lightest and most pleasant on the market.

The Nothing Ear 1 also offers the fantastic sound quality, active noise cancellation, and a great microphone, making it a solid choice. If you don’t want the latest and greatest or the largest amount of customisation, the Nothing Ear 1 true wireless earbuds are an excellent choice.

True wireless earbuds are becoming increasingly sophisticated. With new competitors joining the market on an annual basis, not only is earbud technology improving, but it is also getting more inexpensive, which is a welcome development.


Nothing is the newest startup to enter the inexpensive true wireless market, and its first product, the Ear 1 earbuds, marked the firm’s official debut.

Nothing Ear Headphones

Nothing, the startup founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei and supported by Google Ventures as well as famous figures like Casey Neistat, Tony Fadell, and Kevin Lin, has received a great deal of attention with the debut of its first product.

We put the Nothing Ear 1 through its paces to discover if these earphones live up to all of the excitement around them.

Who Should Purchase It?

Anyone using an iPhone who does not require all of the features offered by the AirPods Pro should consider purchasing the Nothing Ear 1.

However, while Nothing’s earbuds are less than half the price of Apple’s premium earbuds, they also have active noise cancellation (ANC) and AAC for consistently high-quality audio on any Apple device.

These earphones will appeal to minimalists who are looking for earbuds that are simple and effective.

Although the Nothing Ear 1 isn’t cutting-edge technology, these lightweight and comfy earbuds will please the majority of entry-level users.

The lightweight and unobtrusive design, as well as the IPX4 water-resistant grade, will appeal to exercise enthusiasts.

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What Is The Experience Of Using The Nothing Ear like?

The remarkable transparent design of the Nothing Ear 1 is the first thing you’ll notice about this product.

The earphones and charging case are both made of transparent plastic, yet despite Nothing’s claims to “show the raw beauty of technology,” the majority of the internals are still hidden.

The earphones are held in place by magnets and a small hole in the case, with white and red dots indicating which earbuds are on the left and right sides, respectively.

The earphones are offered in two colour options: white or a new matte black finish.

Nothing Ear Headphones

Although the Ear 1 earbuds have a shorter, flat stem that protrudes from the driver housing, the overall form and look are remarkably similar to that of the Apple AirPods Pro.

Nothing includes three various sizes of oblong silicone ear tips, so you should be able to select one that is comfortable and provides a tight seal for your ears.

Each of the earbuds weighs only 4.7g, making them so light that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

In addition, the earphones feature an IPX4 grade, which makes them an excellent workout partner.

Pairing with an Android phone is as simple as opening the case and placing it near your smartphone, then pressing the pair button. iPhone users, on the other hand, must first hold down the pairing button for a couple of seconds before selecting the Nothing Ear 1 from their Bluetooth settings menu.

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What Is The Best Way To Control The Nothing Ear 1?

Onboard touch controls are used to play/pause music, skip to the next song, change the volume, and enable active noise cancellation or transparency modes, among other functions.

In addition, the earbuds have in-ear recognition, which automatically plays audio while the earbuds are in place and pause it when they are withdrawn.

With the Ear 1 app, you can configure some, but not all, of the onboard gesture controls, such as the volume controls.

A triple-tap on either earbud can be used to control the next or previous song on either earbud, while a tap-and-hold on either touch screen can be used to either activate active noise cancellation or have no effect at all.

It is not possible to change the other touch controls (play/pause and volume).

Is It Worthwhile To Get The Nothing Ear 1 Application?

Because the Ear 1 earbuds were designed with simplicity in mind, the accompanying mobile app (available for iOS and Android) does not offer quite as much flexibility as other headphone companion apps.

There is no custom EQ module; instead, customers may only choose from four EQ presets, which are all the same (balanced, more treble, more bass, and voice).

Similarly, there are only two noise-cancelling intensity settings (light and high), though you may disable ANC completely or enable transparency mode from within the app.

Additional app features include the ability to enable or disable in-ear detection, as well as a find my earbud feature that will play a loud tone to assist you in locating your misplaced earphones, among other things.

Nothing Ear Headphones

Also available from within the app is the ability to download and install firmware upgrades for your earbuds, which is important for you to stay up to speed on the latest features and bug patches.

The software complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The Nothing Ear 1 now has voice assistant functionality thanks to firmware version 0.6700.1.86.

Once the app is installed, you may programme a triple tap to activate the voice assistant on your device (Siri or Google Assistant).

How Effective Is The Nothing Ear 1 At Noise Cancellation?

The active noise reduction capability of the Nothing Ear 1 is comparable to that of other true wireless earbuds priced around $100.

Although the technology does not cancel out the sounds of the world around you to the same extent as premium headsets such as the Sony WF-1000XM4, there is still a considerable reduction in background noise.

If you want to achieve effective isolation, you’ll need to make sure that your ear tips are the proper size and that they are properly fitted.

Nothing Ear Headphones

Isolation is essential for blocking out high frequencies and incidental noise, but active noise cancellation is more aggressive in targeting low-frequency sounds such as those produced by an aeroplane engine or an air conditioning unit, respectively.

The Nothing Ear 1 is equipped with three hybrid microphones that detect sound between the earbuds and your ear canals as well as ambient noise beyond your ear canals.

Because most ambient sounds occur between 100 and 1000Hz, the Nothing Ear 1 reduces these frequencies by 25 to 50 per cent when the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) setting is set to maximum.

Unless you spend a significant amount of time in extremely noisy situations, this attenuation will keep you from accidentally turning up the volume on your earphones to the point where you risk hurting your hearing.

Overall, the earbuds are jam-packed with fantastic features that users will enjoy putting to good use. This is all we know about the subject; if you want to learn more about it or other connected concepts, please visit our website on a regular and frequent basis.

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