No Game No Life Season 2: Will It Be Back On Screen?

No Game No Life

“There is more than one way to win the game. You can win without fighting.”

Can you recall the series name by recognizing its quote? If Yes..then remember the series of the above-mentioned quote…..It’s a task for all of you (anime admires).

Confused…..I let you know. The dialogue is from the famous series No Game No Life. Today, we will dive deep into its second season, everything that you might be wondering about No Game No Life Season 2.

So, set yourself to obtain detailed information about it:

No Game No Life:

No Game No Life is based on the Japanese light novel series. The series revolves around Shiro and Sora (two gamers). The Series will carry you to reality, and further, it will entertain you.

No Game No Life

Moreover, if you have seen Season 1, then you must know that crazy house makes a perfect blend of fantasy, game rules, characters by adhering to all the minute details. Even the critics appreciated its character plan and visuals.

Have you ever wondered about a series that has more than 23 seasons? South Park Season is one of them. South Park season 23 has 10 episodes. We have mentioned all details in one place-Episode details and storyline.

Do you movie based on the anime has also released? Yes…The Isekai anime was so successful that a movie was premiered on it, initially on 15 July 2017.

You know…the most exciting thing we like about any movie or show is checking their reviews and ratings. Isn’t it?

IMBd Rating:

The series got a rating of 7.8 from the IMBd. The rating is quite satisfactory. We have shared a screenshot with you. Have a glance at it:

Better Call Saul Season is an American drama. After successful completion of five seasons, followers seeking its details. So, get ready for detailed information about Better Call Saul Season 6.

User’s Reaction towards No Game No Life:

Now, check the user’s reaction towards the series:


Make no mistake; No Game No Life is built to be a blockbuster. Madhouse adapting “one of those” wildly successful isekai light novel series made sense considering their generally poor commercial performance as of late. And NGNL, a blitzkrieg of dastardly clever action and outrageous gags, as unsettling as it is original, certainly delivers a worthy blockbuster, but not without significant shortcomings.


No Game No Life is a clear example of the anime community of overconfidence. It’s a story of Sora and Shiro, an expert gaming duo, sent to another world where everything is settled through games. I don’t recommend it to you.

John Doe:

This anime series is by far the most interesting and funny show that I’ve ever seen. This series needs all the support it can get in order to help it realize it’s a massive amount of potential! I am eager to meet the other races that inhabit this world.


If you have not watched this anime yet, then do yourself a favor and do. This anime has no flaws, and I don’t say that lightly. The art is spectacular; it is the most visually appealing anime I have ever seen. The music is great and fits the show very well. The story is original, interesting, and overall just great, and the characters are fantastic.

Are these reviews helpful to you? Tell us in the comment section. If you have already watched, then share your review as well.


Season 1 of the series is already released, and fans are looking forward to Season 2. I know you are also looking for it. Let’s begin:

No Game No Life Season 2: When it will release…

After the first season and movie’s initial release, we haven’t got any signal from the creators for season 2. But the the crazy house is one of the best creators of the anime series even the movie got positive reviews. So, there is no solid reason to drop the idea of making season 2.

No Game No Life

Moreover, there are rumors that No Game No Life season 2 will be premiered in 2021. The ongoing pandemic has delayed the series.

As of now, the release date of the series is not yet confirmed by the makers. Till then, you can relish yourself with Season 1 and through the movie based on it.

If you still have a strong desire for the series, then you can read its light novel to delight yourself. Yess….I know the experience will not be that satisfying, but you can try.

No Game No Life Season 2: Cast Members

Nothing is confirmed about Season 2 yet; we expect all the prominent members of Season 1 in Season 2. Here, we have listed all the famous cast members.

No Game No Life

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka acted as Sora.

Ai Kayano performs as Shiro.

Yukari Tamura in the role of Jibril.

Yuka Iguchi as Kurami Zell.

Rie Kugimiya performs as Warbeast.

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No Game, No Life Season 2: What next?

At the end of No Game No Life Season 1, two significant players’ siblings were defeated. This was very shocking for the viewers. There is no prior information regarding the storyline of the No Game No Life.

In this, Izuna gets bang by a person. It will be seen that the person will be the granddaughter of the dying king. You will experience twists and turns in the show, and it will be exciting to see how Shiro and their sibling will react to the situation.

No Game No Life Season 2: First View

The first view of Season 2 has not arrived yet. We will soon update you as soon as we get updates about it.

Till then, enjoy its season 1 or movie if you haven’t watched it…

No Game No Life: Where to stream in English….

You can explore No Game No Life on Crunchyroll and Amazon. On these websites, you will get English episodes of the series. If you want to watch its original series, then you can stream it on Netflix with the captions.

The movie No Game No Life: Zero is available on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HiDive. You can use any of the platforms to explore the movie.

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Renowned Dialogues of the No Game No Life:

There is a chance that we can forget the storyline, but we always remember the dialogues. So, here are its famous dialogues:

“In every time, in every world, the strong polish their fangs while the weak polish their wisdom.”

It’s our job as normal people to ensure the potential of those misunderstood ones is realized.” –

There’s no more trusted observer than someone who suspects you.”

That’s why we’ll never win.’ If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re doomed to fail.”

“The two of us will live as the weak, fight as the weak, and defeat the strong as only the weak can!”

It’s better for a man to be slow than fast.”

“In reality, the least interesting answer is usually the correct one.”

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Like you, all its fans are waiting for Season 2. There is a high possibility that Season 2 will be back in 2021. So, stay tuned with us to know about each and every detail about Season 2.

For any support, drop your query to us in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. Is there is any movie based on No Game No Life?

Ans. Yes..there is a movie based on the series, and the name of the movie is No Game No Life: Zero. The movie was first premiered on 15 July 2017. All the viewers well appreciated the movie. You must try this movie.

Ques. What is the difference between the No Game No Life: Zero and No Game and No Life?

Ans. No Game No Life displays Sora and Shiro’s story in the Elkia, whereas The No Game No Life: Zero tells about Riku and Shuvi in the Elkia. Moreover, No Game No Life: Zero is a movie that explains how a “weak race” persisted, and No Game No Life is a season.

Ques. Will there be No Game No Life Season 2?

Ans. There is no official announcement for Season 2 yet, but there is a high scope that it will back soon in 2021. Many rumors are circulating in the industry about Season 2, but there is no official information regarding the release date.

Ques. When should we expect No Game No Life Season 2?

Ans. We highly expect Season 2 in 2021. Still, there is no confirmation of the release date from the maker’s side.

Ques. Is it worthful to watch No Game No Life?

Ans. If you like playing games and admire them, you must watch it. The show receives a rating of 7.8 from the IMBd, and even the reviews are positive. So, you can give it a try.

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