No Black Friday Sales, Walmart Stores to Remain Closed

Black Friday pioneer Walmart

Black Friday Sales are a big deal in the United States. However, this year’s Thanksgiving won’t be a happy one for those fond of shopping on Black Friday Sales at Walmart. The megastore chain, Walmart, has announced that there will be no Black Friday Sales on Thanksgiving. 

The company has decided to end its famous in-store sales for Thanksgiving. Walmart has announced that all of its stores across the country will be closed on Thanksgiving. 

Why No Black Friday Sales by Walmart? 

Walmart and other big retailers are known for organizing big sales on Thanksgiving Day throughout their stores across the US. The store attracts a massive crowd of customers who barge into the store to grab the Black Friday merchandise the first chance they get. 

Walmart keeps its stores open on Thanksgiving on the regular business time, whereas the Sale kicks-off mostly during the evening. Last year’s BF Sale started at 6 PM. 

However, Walmart has previously received severe criticism for its deadly tradition of keeping the stores open on holiday. Sales on that day force employees to work instead of enjoying the holiday with their families. 

Black Friday: Interesting Facts

  • The name Black Friday has its origin in the number of accidents and violence that this sale used to cause since the deals give considerable discounts to customers. It attracts a massive crowd. It’s a name given to the day after the famous holiday of Thanksgiving. 
  • Despite the violence it often causes, the Black Friday sale is a big opportunity for retailers to make profits. That’s why it is taken positively. 
  • If you read the National Retail Federation’s 2019 report, it shows 84.2 million shoppers visited the stores on Black Friday. At the same time, 37.8 million customers visited the stores on Thanksgiving. 

Here’s the shopping data of the last fifteen years to give a clear picture of how big of a deal is Black Friday in America:

Black Friday Data

Black Friday: Walmart’s Announcements

Since we all know it’s COVID-19 year, we can’t risk our health by not maintaining safe social distancing. Are you going to risk your life for discounted items that will be available next year anyway, maybe with more excellent discounts? 

That’s what Walmart US CEO John Furner too must have thought before speculating the closure of stores on Thanksgiving. That’s why he announced this statement:

We know this has been a trying year, and our associates have stepped up. We hope they will enjoy a special Thanksgiving Day at home with their loved ones,” said Furner. “We are certainly thankful to our people for all of their efforts.

This year Walmart has announced third exclusive bonuses for the workers, making the total amount spent on rewards around $1.1 billion. The bonus amount for full-time workers is $300, and $150 for part-timers. 

Along with Walmart, it’s warehouse chain, Sam’s Club will remain closed on Thanksgiving. The announcement regarding the club and store hours for November 27 hasn’t been made. 

Walmart Bonus

Final Words

The Black Friday tradition ended by Walmart, at least for this year, is an ambiguous surprise for sure. Although it is the driving force behind profits the retailers earn, the question remains the effects it will have on the company’s performance, given that many businesses are struggling amidst the pandemic times. 

However, it is the right decision for the workers who otherwise don’t spend time with their families on Thanksgiving. 

What’s your opinion? Do you appreciate this decision taken by Walmart? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments. Remember to stay home, stay safe. 

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