Nile Wilson: I Have Lived and Breathed The “Culture of Abuse”

Nike Wilson
Source: The Telegraph

It is an universal truth that Media plays a major role in bringing changes in many sectors of the society and sports is one such arena where the recent summer release of the Athlete A documentary narrating the cover up of sexual abuse within a gymnastics team has become a catalyst for allegations of such mistreatment.Nile Wilson, the biggest star of the British gymnastics says that this documentary has made a deep impression on him.

And watching the film has made him want to voice out his experience in the sport. Nile Wilson the 24-year-old gymnast made history by being the first Briton to win an Olympic medal at Rio in the year 2016 on the horizontal bar. 

He also boasts a silver medal in the team all round event in 2015 world championships. But with his experience in the sport not very pleasant and positive he has started voicing out his emotional pain though he had admitted that initially he was scared to talk because of the fear of putting his future selection prospects into question.

Nile Wilson the highest profile male gymnast spoke after being hit by the allegations of mistreatment following a complaint he had raised over an altercation with a senior member of staff of Leeds Gymnastics Club early this year. He says that he is unhappy by the outcome of the complaint that he had lodged and felt that he was brushed under the carpet and left heartbroken


Recently talking to BBC News, Nile Wilson described it as a  “culture of abuse” and that he lived and breathed it for 20 years and he also added that it was emotional manipulation and that he had experienced being pushed into physical pain.

Wilson also stated that the gymnast was in his opinion still treated as pieces of meat. An internal club investigation was conducted which according to the Leeds Gymnastics Club was professionally and robustly conducted in line with the club’s policy and advice.

However, Wilson calls the process unprofessional and said he felt that he wasn’t being heard. And wrapping up he said that he felt like that’s the culture that he has been experiencing in the last two decades and many gymnasts join him in his stance.

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