Microsoft Store: A New Version set to Launch for Xbox

New Microsoft Store for Xbox

Microsoft has recently announced that it has planned to roll out a new Microsoft Store for Xbox. This new Microsoft Store will not be a regularly updated version of the app; they have built it from scratch to give a better experience to the users. 


The developers’ team has worked hard on the new Microsoft Store, making it twice as fast as the current version. You can launch it within a couple of seconds. You can quickly watch HD trailers on it. 

Finding any content on the new version of Store will be a lot easier for the users. You can switch on autoplay for a smooth experience, watch trailers while browsing anything on the Store. 


The new Store will be easier for finding any game, movie, TV show, or app. The company has worked on the Store’s navigation system, making it easier for search and switching between pages quickly.


Microsoft is making it more family-friendly and safer. The updated Store will allow parents to monitor the appropriate content for their kids.

The content will be shown to the user based on the parental control filters. If you set up a maximum rating for the material you deem appropriate for your kid, the filtering system will never show the content beyond the grade you have set. It will not even appear in search.

The content appropriate for a teenager will not pop-up in the account of an 8-year old. The filter works perfectly if even multiple users are using it. Microsoft Store will show content and age ratings clearly during preview, shopping, or watching the trailers.

Microsoft Store Features That Have Been Improved

 This new Store has a few features improved for a better experience:

  • Search: more straightforward navigation and improved filtering for appropriate results
  • Improved Wish List that can be used quickly to add games to it. 
  • Shopping: Updates in the shopping cart for viewing added items.
  • You can shop for games from four generations of Xbox. Watching the price during browsing, and adding titles to Wish List is possible. 

If you are Xbox Insider, you’ll get to use the new Microsoft Store before it is rolled out gradually. You can send the feedback to them if you encounter any issue. This new Microsoft Store is built to provide a more excellent experience.

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