Top 10 Netflix Web Series to Watch in 2020

I Need To Stop' I Whispered To Myself As I Clicked Next Episode of Netflix. How amazing its wesbseries are. We have listed best original netflix series.

“Someday, you might have seen clash of clans…

Someday, you might have watched the Money heists web series…

and someday you have seen the most romantic scene ever on Netflix!”

But the day when all these events occurred in your life, Most probably you will get a question in your mind “What are the top 10 web series to watch on Netflix in 2020?” to get maximum entertainment in a given time.

and that’s why in this article, we have mentioned The Netflix Original Top 10 Series. Cheers 🙂

Top 10 Series to Watch on Netflix

We are already in the end of 2020 and this year made us cry for so many reasons whether we talk about pandemic coronavirus, market gap or global impact but to happily end up the 2020, you can go & check out these top 10 webseries.

Today, Netflix is the biggest brand in the entertainment industry and has a huge collection of web series, Bollywood, Hollywood movies, and so on!

Out of this huge collection of Netflix Series, it’s hard to recommend you web series based on our own factors. Because few of you like comedy and romantic movies, few of you might be interested in horror and suspense movies – so most of it depends on you.

After watching the name of these 10 series, let us know “Is your favorite web series listed in this article or not?”

Our Planet

Our Planet by Netflix is a complete inspiration from our earth and it’s natural beauty and all-natural stuff like climatic changes, living creatures are seen in this ambitious documentary.

It has about 9.3 IMDb rating which I think is great, talking about the rotten tomatoes ratings it is about 93%.

Check out the trailer of Our Planet, how gorgeous it is 🙂

Stranger Things

“You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to.”

“Sometimes people don’t really say what they’re thinking. But you capture the right moment…it says more.”

Being a freak is the best.”

Stranger things, One of the Best series on Netflix created by Matt Duff. The story follows the violent and creepy story, a boy vanishes, and the people of the town feel something is happening strange. The show is about courage and friendship.

Do you love romantic web series? If yes then Love Alarm Season 2 would be the best option for you.

The Witcher Season 2

The story revolves mainly around three characters Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri. The three characters are different from each other in every way but their path crosses the same road and yet destiny gets them together.

The Witcher Seasons are an epic fantasy series similar to like that of the game of thrones. If you have completed the season of game of thrones then I must recommend you watch Witcher season 2 without thinking twice.

Netflix Top 10 Series


“When they’re bigger than you, you can’t win.”

One of the best dialogue from the Unbelievable, Americandrama television mini-series Toni Collette, Merritt Wever, and Kaitlyn Dever. The series is about sexual harassment and rapes. 

The story of a girl named Marie, who is a teen and lied about being raped, and two female detectives are assigned to find the truth behind Marie’s story.

“You will squirm, you will be uncomfortable, you will feel the suspense and you will cry. That’s how powerful and amazing the 8 episodes of this show were.”

The first 2 episodes were even difficult to watch because of the physical and emotional brutality shown.

top 10 netflix series

Bojack Horseman

Who says that Netflix is not famous for its animations series? “The Bojack” is an animated series on Netflix, follows up the story of a drunken man, who is a horse. The voice is given by Will Arnet. It an adult tragicomedy sitom created by Raphael BobWaksberg.

Bojack was released on Aug 22, 2014, having a total number of 6 seasons and 77 episodes. Have you seen the Bojack? Do you notice they have no tails?

Good Omens Season 2

Also one of the Netflix 10 top series which is loved by everyone not only teens adults are also going crazy for this. In this, there are 2 main characters who are in the lead. They are the angels from which one is from the evil side while the other one is from the good side.

The web series is based on a novel named Good omen which is a world fantasy award-winning novel. The story is not real but it is quite famous among the viewers that’s why the Good Omens has a good IMDb rating and reviews.

Want to know more about this- click here.Netflix Top 10 Series

Dark Netflix

The story of a missing child who sets about four families on a hunt for answers as they unearth a mindbending mystery that spans three generations.

The Series three seasons from 2017 to 2020 all are available on Netflix. It is a German scifiction thriller that is the first stream on Netflix. Starring Louis Hofmann, Oliver Masucci, Jördis Triebe, and created by Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese.

One of IMDb user reviews on Dark, Netflix.

“This is quite possibly the greatest show I’ve ever known to exist. It’s just so pure. Every scene is saturated with substance. It’s actually so good that I won’t binge watch it. I take in each episode (possibly without blinking) and savor each experience. I’d write more, but my mind is seriously blown.”

You can also check out our article on this amazing horror-drama- The Order Season 2.

Top 10 Netflix Series

The Society Season 2

We’re not going to ask for power, we’re going to take it.”

Just a dialogue from The Society wondering what about the show is?

It is one of the major hits of Netflix. Society season 2 is an American web series based on the life of teens. One day the teens are coming to their homes from a canceled school trip what they found is more surprising, they found no one is there in the town.

This is the interesting part of the story, there is no destruction seems now the question arises what happens to the people of their town and their family? How they manage the situation? What happens in the end?

A lot of questions right! Read our article on The Society season 2 it is the answer of all your queries and the end is the best part of The Society.

Netflix Top 10 Series

The Haunting of Hill House

Do you like supernatural, ghost, and horror stories? If yes, then this Netflix web series is completely for you. The web series is an Americandrama that is created by Mike Flanagan. The series premiere on Netflix on October 12, 2018. It has given 8.7 stars out of 10 according to the IMDb.

It is one of the most perfect horror story stated by its viewers. You can watch it on NetFlix whenever you want.

Netflix top 10 series

The Punisher season 3

The Punisher is an American web series based on a comic character of Marvel name “Punisher. Netflix is the distributor of this Punisher series. It is one of the most loved anime by its viewers after all who don’t like marvel.

It is one of the great Marvel Series started in the year 2017 to 2019. Punisher an action, crime, and drama have a good IMDb rating of 8.5 stars out of 10.

Netflix Top 10 Series

Sherlock Season 5

The story is a thrilling and detective mystery type of web series having crime, drama, and a lot more. Sherlock is based on the mysterious stories of Sherlock Holmes. Staring of the Sherlock is Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, it is a Brtish-American series created by Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

It has a good IMDb Rating of 9.1 out of 10 also has about 784k user reviews about previous seasons.

Do you want the crazy reviews of Sherlock Season 5 along with the release date and cast then you need to check out this article which is all about Sherlock Season 5.

Netflix Top 10 Series

We have mentioned only 10 web series on Netflix but they are not enough if you want to explore the world of Netflix. You can also go for Brew Brothers Season 2, Sherlock Season 5., Monster Musume season 2, and also check our latest article on Netflix series.

As the list of our series ends but here for you we have a surprise Netflix new movies list with the upcoming Tv shows Cheers. You can also go for this to enjoy your day in this boring quarantine, what are you waiting for Check it out readers.

New Movies & TV Shows Coming to Netflix.

Final Words
The above article is completely based on the “Top 10 Netflix Series”. We have only mentioned Netflix’s top 10 series in this article which are highly ranked and the best of Netflix.
Hope you find this article informative and relevant for you. If yes then please share this with your Netflix addict friends and family member or also on your social media platform it will be helpful for us 🙂

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Frequently Asked Question

Q- Can I watch Netflix for free?

A- Yes, you can watch Netflix for free on

Q-Best Orignal Netflix web series?

A-BoJack Horseman, Stranger Things, Ozark are some of the Best Orignal Netflix web series.

Q-How much it cost to have Netflix?

A-The standard cost of having a one-month subscription to Netflix is $12.99 in which it offers 2 screens.

Q-Are movies available on Netflix are free?

A-Netflix is now offering free movies which are nearly about 10 original movies along with Tv shows.

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