Netflix’s 3%: Current Scenario of Renewal and Release

International fans of Brazilian 3% have showered love to the show. Recently, Netflix dropped the fourth season on its platform, which received a great response from the viewers. Now, they are thinking about whether there will be a new season or not. In this article, you will find the latest news about the renewal of the upcoming season.

3% Season 5 Release date: When Will Netflix Release Another Season?

In this section, we have added whether the series will get renewed for season 5 or not. Netflix’s 3% has become a huge hit, and subscribers are now demanding a new season. After the fourth season dropped, fans watched all the episodes on the go.

The fourth season of 3% released on August 14, 2020, on Netflix. Currently, neither streaming service nor creators have revealed anything about the upcoming season. But we have bad news for the 3% fans, who are desperately waiting for the fifth season. According to some sources, there will be no further seasons of the show.

The fourth season was the end of 3%. However, some fans are still insisting that there should be season 5. Sadly, their wishes will never turn into reality because the streaming service has confirmed its end. The previous season was the end of the road, and there won’t be any continuation of the series.

If you haven’t watched 3% season 4, then head to Netflix now and binge-watch the whole season. The show has collected reviews from the audience and critics. Besides, the cast was appreciated by international fans for their impressive acting. Read a fan’s reaction tweet below about the finale season.

Fans and Critics Reviews on Netflix’s 3% Series

Fans have praised the 3% series, and the entire cast and crew of the series are happy about that. Even scriptwriter Dani Libardi expressed his happiness after the immense popularity and success of the series. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series collected an 85 per cent approval rating.

Fans revealed that the series focuses on complicated backstories, personalities, and characters. Moreover, on IndieWire, Liz Shannon Miller said that 3% has left her impressed and surprised. Even Calum Henderson of the New Zealand Herald noted while reviewing that one of the most reliable parts of the series has its characters.

The Premise of the Series

We have added the storyline of the series for those who are new here. The plot is set in the
dystopian world, where most of the population is suffering from poverty in an area called Inland. Only a few elite individuals are picked to live in the Offshore. Every 20 years old individual is allowed to live in paradise, but for that, they have to take numerous tests. However, only 3% of people qualify and succeed to make it to Offshore.


The show began in 2016 and ended in 2020. It was a great and unique program, and Netflix should release more series like these for the viewers. Since the show has ended, you can check out similar series such as The 100, The Rain, Snowpiercer, Altered Carbon, and much more. We will be back with more articles about new series and films on Netflix, so stay tuned.


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