Due to the Pandemic NCAA Chief medical officer finds it difficult to foresee any fall sports.

NCAA Doctor
18 JAN 2013: Division II Presidents and Chancellors Summit Business Session at the 2013 NCAA Photos via Getty Images Convention held at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX. Stephen Nowland/NCAA Photos via Getty Images.Pictured: Brian Hainline, MD

The NCAA’s chief medical officer has recently commented about the fall sports this season.
Many of the fall sports from college students have been cancelled like Big-10. He also added that right now is the time to focus on how to control the pandemic situation rather than playing the fall sport.

It is merely possible that nationwide tests would get improve, hence there is a very slim possibility that college fall sports will be played this time. Suddenly one of the college football’s very renowned player Justin Fields started a petition on Sunday requesting Big-10 to play in this year’s fall season.

But everyone doesn’t seem to be interested in signing the petition or play. By the records, many students opted out of playing any sport in this fall season due to the deadly virus, and many of them are tested positive and sent home.

On Sunday Big-10 football players tried to push the conference to reinstate the fall season. They have continuously tweeted that they want to play the game and they come up with an online petition too. It was learned that the player’s parent group from Iowa, Ohio State, and Penn State has sent letters to Big-10 Commissioner to held the season and to be transparent with the course.

Due to continuous push Big-10 asked players to sign a liability waiver with the school if they want to play in this season. It was from our report that Pac-12 has gone on a movement to ban such waivers just 2 weeks before. All the college teams want security during their play and asking for the banning of liability waivers.

 Just a few days later NCAA said that the college students do not sign anything related to their participation in the sport. NCAA president Mark Emmert said that there are not many schools taking part in this fall season and hence there will be many cancellations.

They will be able to endorse a bubble in the next year potentially. In this year NCAA has no hold on the highest level of college football, so four conferences have decided to postpone some of the sports including Big-10 and Pac-12. 

Other leagues as Big-12: The Atlantic Coast Conference and South Eastern Conference will move forward and are planning to play this fall season.

These colleges and universities have reopened their campus for the practice. How they will be handled during training, will determine the fall sport can be played or not in this season. Although athletes who will be playing in this season are tested regularly.

To conclude, we can only say now:

There are very fewer chances that we will be able to witness any collegiate fall sports this year. Though Athletes are pushing towards it, at last, the decision remains with the conference based on how they can safeguard the interested players. Stay with us for more information and stay safe at your homes.


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