Player Creates History by Making More Than 60 Point Games in NBA

NBA Player Damian Lillard

Lillard Damian created history by becoming the second player in the history of NBA to have 3 or more 60 point games in a single season. Lillard Damian who has played 11 th 50+ point game in his career during a regular season shares the title with Wilt Chamberlain to be the only two players in NBA history who have had three or more 60-point games in a single season.

Dallas was defeated by the Portland 134-131 as the team is all set to play in game to get into the play offs. Stotts said that Dame was showing lot of resolve and added that nobody wanted to come into the bubble and make the playoffs as much as Dame wanted.

Stotts also said that the leadership of Dame and his game speaks for itself and that he was pulling the team along. Lillard Damian is the 12 th player in the history of NBA to score 50 points in back to back games after dropping 51. The shot by Lillard from way outside the three-point arc was the highlight of the game.

It bounced high off the rim and dropped right through the net. It was Lillard’s one of the clutches three-point shots in the fourth quarter. This shot had received applause from Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle stating that he had never seen a shot like that ever and that it was unbelievable.

Wilt chamberlain who set the still standing record as of 2019 -20 season has scored 100 points, 59 half points with 36 shots and 63 attempted and 28 free throws. it was the last game at Hershey sports Arena that made Chamberlain score 60 points or more in four straight games.

The scoring outburst by these two players has made them come together in the elite company creating a record in the history of NBA.

NBA has listed Wilt chamberlain and Lillard Damain as the players with three 60-point games in an NBA Match.

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