An offensive meme posted about Sen. Kamala Harris: NBA fired photographer

Kamala Harris

Senator Kamala Harris took the USA by storm by becoming the first African-Asian-American Vice-Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party as Joe Biden’s Running Mate, but not after receiving a lot of flak from the community.

On Wednesday last week, a meme emerged on Facebook, which quickly caught the public attention and was widely circulated on the social media site. One such person to fall in the trap of the ‘meme culture’ was Bill Baptist, an independent contractor working for the NBA Team Houston Rockets for over 30 years, who shared the meme and soon found himself in deep trouble.

The NBA took cognizance of the situation and immediately terminated Baptist. An insider, with direct knowledge on the situation, said that Bill would no more be a part of the NBA Bubble in Orlando.

But since the situation is sensitive, the identity of the person remains clandestine. Ace Basketball player Sheryl Swoops, who is a Gold medalist & a basketball Hall of Famer, shared her disappointment over Bill Baptist’s post on Facebook.

“So, this guy works for the NBA but covers the Houston Rockets. Has been around for a while. Even worked for the Comets,” Sheryl, a former Houston Comet, wrote.

“It’s amazing how people will smile in your face but eventually their true colors will [s]how. @NBA and Houston Rockets, he needs to GO!!! So disrespectful. Bill Baptiste (sic) shame on You!!!” You can access the post here.

There was no reaction from the Houston Rockets on this issue as of now. However, Baptist took to the local television and issued a public apology and conveyed that he ‘deeply’ regrets the post and that the posts he ‘shared’ was ‘not a reflection of his personal thoughts’.

He said that the posting on his Facebook page was something that he ‘saw and copied’ from other users as a reflection to Biden Selecting Senator Kamala Harris as his choice for the vice-presidential candidate of the democrats.

He added that he should have taken care not to be ‘insensitive’ while posting the opinion of others on his page and that he “sincerely apologizes to all those who have been rightfully offended”. He also informed that the post had been taken down. “It was a horrible mistake on my part.”, he said.

With memes becoming a trend in social media and as an effective tool to comment on anything and everything, one must be mindful of the effects it might have on sensitive situations.

What are your thoughts on it?

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