How We Use Mudae Commands?

Mudae bot is one of the most popular bots on Discord. As of now, Mudae bot has been installed on over 9 million discord servers, making it the most popular bot on the platform. Mudae bot is ideal for anime, video game, and manga fans… If you’re one of them and the bot isn’t on your server yet, what are you waiting for? Use the invite link below to invite the bot to your server.

The game in which you must catch waifus and husbandos from popular comics and video games is the bot’s most well-known feature. There are almost 40,000 such waifus and husbandos that continue to play until they find them all.

Mudae bot also has a function that allows you to translate the bot into whatever language you desire. Take advantage of this option and play games translated into your language with your friends.

How Can You Get the Mudae Bot to Work on Your Discord Server?

Adding a Mudae bot to the server is comparable to adding other discord bots. To add the Mudae bot to your Discord server, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: To add a Mudae bot to your discord server, you must first invite the Mudae bot. The Mudae bot can be readily invited from its official webpage. You can also directly invite the Mudae bot using the invite link that I have provided below. The invite link is the same as the one on the company’s official Discord server.

Step 2: After clicking the invite link, you’ll be redirected to Discord, where you’ll be asked to choose which server you’d like to add the Mudae bot to. Make sure you’re signed in and logged in to your Discord account if you haven’t already.

STEP 3: After selecting the discord server to which you wish to add the Mudae bot, you will be prompted to provide the bot the necessary rights. Make sure you read through the permissions you’re about to provide; you can also amend this permission in Discord’s bot settings.

Congratulations, the Mudae bot has been successfully installed on your Discord server.

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The next thing I recommend is that you join the Mudae bot support community. The support community will assist you with help from other members of the community, and you will always have someone to turn to if you get stuck. To get the most out of the Mudae bot, join the Mudae bot support community.

How Do You Use the Mudae Bot?

Users can start making waifus and husbandos appear in the chat room after the Mudae bot has been installed to the discord server. With the help of commands, people can now claim their waifus and husbandos.

Mudae Bot Fundamentals

$waifu ($w): this command will generate a female gaming or anime character at random. You can also marry female characters from anime ($wa) or video games ($wg).

$husbandos ($h): this command will generate a random male character from a video game or anime. You can also marry male characters from anime ($ha) or video games ($hg).

$marry ($m): This command will generate a random character from an anime or video game, either waifus or husbandos.

When you start rolling the waifus and husbandos to marry, you can only roll ten characters at a time. After you’ve rolled ten characters, you can click on the emojis in the bottom left corner of the message. You will be married to the character if you click on the emoji.

Also, if you’ve rolled up to ten characters and don’t wish to marry any of them, you’ll have to wait for your cooldown period, which is 30 minutes. After the 30-minute warm-up, you can resume the cool-down and select your husbandos and waifus.

There is also a restriction that states that due to the time limit, you cannot claim all of the waifus and husbandos. There is a 3-hour time limit for waifus and husbandos, and no other person can claim the waifus if you have them during that period.

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When you have 15 waifus, the Mudae bot will generate a list that includes the waifus’ popularity as well as the points linked with them. On the server, the list with the most popular points with the 15 wides will be the most popular.


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