Mpow X3 Review: This Is All You Need Know About!

The Mpow X3 may be purchased for its active noise cancellation features.

But you might find up appreciating it for its pleasurable sound, whether it has a lot of basses or not.


If you contrast the Mpow X3’s durability to that of the Mpow M7, M20, or M8, for instance.

You won’t find the Mpow X3 to be the company’s most exquisitely made pair of earphones.

The charging case’s specifications, however, are fine.

Its square form makes it less bulky than some other ANC earphone cases.

And the bottom of the case has a USB-C port for charging.

Before requiring power itself, it can recharge the earpieces 2.5 times.

Four LED lights beneath the lid provide information about the case’s battery life.

However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to fit larger ear tips in here.

Mpow X3

If you require more than the six (!) pairs that come standard with the X3.

Compared to most other headphones with active noise cancellation.

More Features: Mpow X3

The Mpow X3’s earpieces are delightfully light and comfy.

After a time, you hardly notice wearing them due to their small inner part.

And thin rubber tips. They also effortlessly stay in your ears because of the excellent fit.

Even better, this comfort is provided by earphones with an excellent battery life of up to 5 hours.

With ANC on and roughly 6,5 hours without.


The Mpow control scheme has always been excellent, from the original favourite.

The Mpow M5, to the succeeding variants that were introduced.

This is also true of the X3.

By tapping on or near the shallow portion of the stem, you can operate the earbuds.

A single tap on the right side turns up the volume, and two taps play or pause the music.

And three taps skip a song.

The ANC active noise cancelling can be activated.

Or deactivated by holding down the right earpiece for two seconds.

You can change the volume (single tap), and play/pause (double tap).

Or resume a song with the left earpiece (three taps).

Mpow X3

You may use this earpiece to launch your phone’s voice assistant by holding it down for two seconds.

Controlling them is simple thanks to the effective control strategy.

However, there will be times when you unintentionally change the volume.

The Mpow X3’s connectivity is adequate but not perfect.

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Connection Starts To Deteriorate!

Within ten metres of your device, the Bluetooth 5.0 connection begins to deteriorate.

Even though pairing and connecting quickly.

Happily, it rarely occurs whether you’re riding a bike or walking while wearing headphones.

And any unexpected problems are swiftly resolved.

Unfortunately, after you place the other earpiece in the case.

It is not possible to continue listening to only one.


The Mpow X3’s ANC function is probably going to be its main sales driver.

Is the first company to introduce active noise cancellation.

Which reduces background noise with the press of a button. Mpow

Note: Up until now, wireless ANC earphones have simply served to lower ambient noise levels.

They are not as effective at filtering and isolating your environment.

Full-sized headphones like Sony and Bose are.

On the Mpow X3, ANC is by default disabled.

When you turn it on, the X3 muffles the sounds in your environment with a soft, relaxing white noise.

The level of sounds like engines, electric buzzes, and humming is decreased.

Hisses continue to be audible but lose their sharp edge.

Much like the tyres on a faraway highway.

The X3 is effective at reducing darker background noise.

But lighter tones start to come through.

Mpow X3

Better than on the Boltune ANC BH023.

Which is similarly priced, trees blowing in the breeze, children’s voices.

And close people are still audible.

In terms of noise cancellation, more recent models perform substantially better.

Like the Aukey EP-N5, Tronsmart Apollo Bold.

And particularly the 20 Decebel (also marketed as Tozo NC9 and SoundLiberty 94).

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Be Cautious While You Do Cycling!

One more thing to keep in mind is that the Mpow X3 easily picks up wind while you’re cycling.

Or walking with ANC turned on, even if there isn’t much wind, to begin with.

On the fly, it is preferable to disable ANC (or not turn it on).

MPOW X3 Sound Quality: Two Sound Styles

The Mpow X3 is one of those uncommon wireless headphones.

Depending on how you insert them, produce two distinct forms of sound.

It has previously appeared on the Wavefun X-Pods 3.

A balanced, clear sound with a supporting bass may.

Be enjoyed by lightly pressing the Mpow X3 in your ears.

The earpieces will effortlessly stay in your ears.

However, the Mpow X3 begins to fulfil its promise of deep bass when you insert them further into your ears.

With its powerful bass slam, the Mpow X3 stands out in modern music genres.

Including dance, pop, and hip-hop.

Although it isn’t the fastest, it makes up for it by packing a powerful punch.

However, darker electronic tones, drums, and cellos are clearly distinguished from the bass and have exactly the right amount of weight to them.

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