Monster Musume Season 2: Plotline, Cast, Reviews All the Complete Details You Need to Know 

monster musume season 2

 Monster Musume 2 you must be an anime addict? Then you are on the right site. We have some of the most popular anime details here on Monster Musume 2 also you can read our other article which is also based on the anime, one punch man season 1, Attack on Titan season 4.You are going to love them for sure.

Monster Musume Season 2

Monster Musume 2 is the most popular anime based on the manga series. The master season 1 aired on July 8 in the year 2015. It is an anime that is not based on a materialistic plotline. It has several myths and unrealistic stories but it is aired completely due to all these. The story in season 1 is based on Kimihoto Kurusu, a student living in Japan. She is the main character of the story. After the success of season one, season 2 is going to be released soon, confirmed by the officials. As the season one is aired the fans are waiting for the next season. They have many questions which arise in their mind about the plotline of the season 2 cast, new characters appear, and not what about the genre this time.

The Monster Musume season 2, all the related details which you need to know about this is in our musume season 2

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 Release date of Monster Musume Season  2 

The season 2 is going to be released as the season one is loved by the viewer very much but the season is not released yet. The season one started on July 8 in the year 2015 and ended in September in the same year. It takes a huge time to release the next season. The release date is still not confirmed yet whether the year is also not confirmed as there is no statement for the actual release date by the official Of the Monster Musume.

 The fans are going crazy about this because of an interesting storyline, the co-existence of the Monsters with the human being is very interesting in this story. The story revolves around a Female Monster named  Kimihoto Kurusu, a student living in Japan. The plotline is very interesting and the anime is itself unique from the other anime.

Plotline: Monster Musume 2

The story has a mythical plotline that has a lot of myths and likes the fairytale-like concept. The story is not materialistic in real life. It is a Japanese series written and illustrated by Okayado. It is also published in their monthly comic named Comic Ryū. The story revolves around a Japanese student named Kamihito, the girl Monster.

Monster musume season 2

The story is like a tale type in that the main character is Kimihito. The complete story revolves around her. she was mistakenly dropped at the door of the Miia. He is not able to send her back and decides to take care of her. as she grew up with him. They give shelter to a number of girls belonging to the different species who came thereby accidentally or forcibly. Kamihito and the other girls live there with him. he gets used to the dramas of the girls daily. He stated that he is going to marry one of the girls living there. all the girls want to get his attention as he is a charming guy, everybody wants him. The story has many different characters, as well as different girls’ Monsters which make the story more interesting. 

 Monster Musume 2 Caste

The caste remains the same as in season 1. But also has predicted some new characters going to be seen in the next season but not revealed yet. Some modifications are also going to be seen in the voice for Mayaka, Nomura, and Ari Ozaa Junji will select as the voice artist for the voice of Kurusu Kimihito, Papi, And Suu. Also, it is heard that more number of girl Monsters will be seen. The story is surely loved by the fans. 

Characters Of the Monster Musume-

  • Junji Maisma as Kurusu
  • Ari Ozawa as Papi
  • Sora Amamiya as Mila
  • Haruka Yamazaki As Mero
  •  Mayuka Nomura as Suu
  • Ai Kakuma as Lala
  • Sakura Nakamura as Rachnera
  • Yu Kobayashi as Ms 

 The above are some of the main characters of the story in the Monster Musume.

Where to watch Monster Musume 2

The main question is how to enjoy this kind of Anime where to watch them. The  Monster Musume is available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, VRV, and Crunchyroll. Season 2 will release in the fall of the year 2021  but no official announcement is heard. As the show is available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime so you need to have an account or subscription for enjoying the Anime.

Amazon, Netflix is the safest streaming site where you can watch not only the Monster Musume but along with that all other web series as well as movies too.

Also, the old season is available on youtube as well. if you are not having an account or subscription just wait for the release of season 2 by youtube, and then you are good to go to watch season 2of the Monster Musume for free without paying a single penny for that.Monster Musume Season 2

 Reviews on Monster Season 1

 The reviews on the Monster Musume are good but everything has its pros and cons. The shows have a good rating and are very much loved by the viewers that the fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 while some people don’t like the anime because of its unrealistic story.

The series is from a manga collection. It has about 12 episodes in season 1 of the Monster Musume and has a good rating of about 8 stars. Here we have some of the reviews of the viewers collected for you.

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I love Monster Musume, and the best girl is Rachnera, especially after going through 15 volumes of the manga.

Kai Suzugamori 6 months

I think this anime was the same as Chivalry of a Failed Knight as the author intended Chivalry to be a promotion for the Light Novels. When it came out it was heavily overshadowed by the Asterisk War even though Chivalry was way better. I hope the author knows how loved Chivalry is at the moment.


I really enjoyed this anime. Yes, it’s super ecchi and makes me love it more. I will eventually read the manga unless a season 2 is announced before I get to it, can’t wait for season 2 either way. Also, Mia is the best girl.


The concept of the Girl Monster is very much adored and appreciated by the viewers. The Monster 

Is Monster Musume Season 2 Worth watching Monster Musume Season 2?

Just like the other anime and the season one of the Monster Musume which is aired completely stated that it is worth watching. The show has an amazing and interesting plotline which is definitely loved by the viewers. In my opinion, it is completely worth watching. I must recommend you to watch the Monster Musume if you are a true anime lover but get stuck between different anime. Some of which are not worth watching only cause a huge wastage of your precious time. The monster Musume is the right anime for you because of the story in which there are a number of girl Monsters. you are going to watch this anime. The anime Monster Musume will suit the best for you.

If you have watched the anime Monster Musume previous season then most comment your favorite character from the anime and also give your precious reviews on this anime of the manga series.


The above article is completely based on the anime, Monster Musume2. The complete detail about the release date, plotline, and the full caste information along with where you can enjoy the anime. It is available on many platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime video, and some other.

 Hope the article is useful as well as informative too, if yes then do share with your Anime lover friends and family members.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q-Is Monster Musume still going on?

A-No the Monster Musume is not going on, the first season ended up in September 2015 and the new season is going to be released soon.

 Q-Is it worth watching Monster Musume season 2?

A-These kinds of animes are adored by the viewers very much, I must recommend you to watch the Monster Musume next season.

Q-What kind of Anime is Monster Musume?

A-it is an anime of genre comedy, fantasy, and harem

Q-Who is the main character of The Monster Musume?

A-Kimihito Kurusu is the main character of the Monster Musume, she is the Monster, and the complete story revolves around her.

Q-Does Hulu have the series Monster Musume?

A-Yes, Hulu has a Monster Musume. You can watch it here and also have the free trial along with Hulu it is also available on Netflix, Amazon Prime.

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