Monica Lewinsky Boyfriend: Scoop On The American Activist Love Life

Some years ago, the scandal of American activist Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton made a lot of headlines. While working in the White House, their love blossomed. But are these two still together? Let’s see who Monica Lewinsky is dating now. Monica Lewinsky is a popular American television celebrity and fashion designer. Apart from this, she is also seen in politics, has been an activist and White House intern. Currently, she is also seen as a spokesperson; she speaks about her diet plan and career journey on television. After that, she stayed away from the media for some time. She went to London to pursue a master’s degree in psychology. But she came again in 2014, this time as a social activist, where she spoke on issues like cyberbullying. Monica has also pitched her flag in the designing field, she has opened a handbag line under her name.

Monica was born on July 23, 1973, in San Francisco, California, to parents Bernard Lewinsky and Marcia Kay Vilensky. Lewinsky grew up in the Southern California part of Los Angeles. Lewinsky went to the John Thomas Dye School for her early education and went on to study further from Beverly Hills High School. In 1987, Monica’s parents got separated, the news of their divorce had a serious effect on Monica. However, her mother tied the knot with a media executive and director of the Voice of America,  R. Peter Straus. And her father married Barbara. Due to the family’s recognition in politics, Monica received a summer internship at White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta. From this, she started in politics, and later in 1995, she got a paid position.

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Monica Lewinsky Dating

When Monica Lewinsky was working in the White House, she and President Bill Clinton grew closer. As Monica started spending more time with Bill Clinton, her seniors transferred her from the White House to the Pentagon. The story and its consequences later became popular as the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. In January 1998, news of Clinton’s relationship with Monica erupted. During a television news conference at White House, Clinton said, “I never had a sexual relationship with that woman, Miss Lewinsky,” on January 26, 1998. The rumors quickly reached the media, due to which Monica had to spend the following several weeks keeping herself away from public attention at her mother’s apartment in the Watergate building.

Before Clinton, Monica was also in a relationship with Andy Bleiler. Andy was a high school teacher. He revealed that Monica used to contact him several times or five times a day after arriving in Washington in 1995 as a White House student. After five years of relation, Monica and Andy decided to separate.

Monica Lewinsky Dating

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton

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Documentary On Lewinsky

The story exceeded to pop culture celebrity Monica, as she had become a political storm. Her defense contract blocked what she could talk about in public, but she managed to work with Andrew Morton in his writing of Monica’s Story, her biography that included her side of Clinton’s stories. In March 1999, The book came out, it was also released as a cover story in Time magazine.

In May 2014, Lewinsky wrote an article for Vanity Fair magazine entitled “Shame and Survival,” in which she discussed her life and the scandal. She went on to emphasize that the relationship was mutual and wrote that when Clinton used her, it was a harmonious relationship. Monica Revealed, she deeply regretted whatever happened between her and Bill Clinton. She said, let me repeat: Myself. Seriously. Regret. What happened.  However, she said, now is the time to stick her head over the porch to reclaim the history and make a purpose for my history. The magazine was later announced as a Vanity Fair donor, saying it would “contribute to their website continuously, looking at relevant topics.”

Monica Lewinsky Dating

Monica Lewinsky at 2019 Webby Awards

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Notable Work As a Spokesperson

 Lewinsky was a host of reality television dating program, Mr. Personality, on the Fox Television Network in 2003, where she counseled young competing women who preferred men who were hidden. Monica claimed she is completely against cyberbullying by calling herself a zero-patient person of online harassment. 

Monica Lewinsky Dating

Monica Lewinsky

However, she continued to speak out against cyberbullying, delivering a TED speech demanding a more sympathetic Internet. Monica became an ambassador and tactical consultant to the anti-bullying firm Bystander Revolution. In September 2018, Monica spoke at a conference in Jerusalem as well.

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