Over Seven Thousand Students Have Tested Positive in Missouri

Positive cases increase in Missouri

The reopening of colleges and schools poses a major threat in front of parents and authorities as the COVID-19 is rapidly spreading across the students. The news recently broke out that over 7,000 young people(approximately college-going) in Missouri have tested positive for the virus.

Classes have started again in Missouri since August. The news confirms the suspicion of the parents. The governor of Missouri, Mike Parson, has spoken about the issue and stated that some towns in the state had reported a 45% spike between 18 and 24 in the positive cases. That’s more than eight times the countrywide positivity rate. 

The authority claims that they haven’t found anyone seriously sick among those 7,000 positive students. However, the spike can lead to infection among those who are prone to falling fatally sick. 

Missouri’s numbers are not giving any good news for the citizens. A whopping 9,500 new positive cases with 97 deaths have been reported, that’s almost a 13% positivity rate. 

Dr. Fauci has already included Missouri in the top seven states that need to be under intense alert. The remaining six states are North and South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas. White House Coronavirus Task Force has enforced a mask mandate in Missouri and other guidelines for the colleges. The task force has mandated the bars to remain close. 

Dr. Fauci isn’t in favor of shutting down the schools, colleges and abruptly sending them home. He thinks that it is the worst thing to do with students. He doesn’t support the assimilation of infected students with the general public, either.

He says the infected students should be put safely in quarantine under observation. He thinks college students are not like school students.

They come from other states and cities. Sending them home has a risk of them carrying it back to their native place, worsening the situation for everyone. 

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