Microsoft Plans to go “Trash-Free” by 2030

Microsoft campus

The race for becoming “eco-friendly”, “zero emission” is becoming serious among the corporations. Microsoft has entered the arena to make a positive impact for this cause. The global tech giant, Microsoft, is orchestrating a plan to make itself garbage-free by 2030.

The plan has been announced with the first step of avoiding the use of single-use plastic, which is a necessary element for packaging. The company thinks that the single-use plastic dependency will be over by 2025.  

The company has set a “zero waste” goal for 2030. There will be independent recycling centers called “Circular Centers” that will help to reuse the 90-95% garbage produced on Microsoft’s campuses. The e-waste like dysfunct servers from data centers of Microsoft will be recycled at those recycling plants.

These centers will be operated by the company itself. They are also working on improving the manufacturing process that will reduce or eliminate garbage that’s produced during the process. 

Many don’t know that Microsoft is a major contributor to the electronic waste that ends up on the landfills. They dumped waste of 3.189 metric tons last year. According to the pledge they will be reduced to zero percent by the end of this decade.

However, campus waste isn’t a big problem compared to gadgets of Microsoft and suppliers, which are major contributors.  As per reports, 53.6 million metric tons of waste was dumped last year.

Since companies aren’t doing anything to reduce global e-waste, it is a question how much this pledge will actually help nature. 

The global technological trends are rapidly changing. What’s considered “latest” tech of today will be obsolete by tomorrow. This disastrous trend of tech is contributing a major part in producing tons of e-waste that’s dumped every year.

Various advocacy groups are demanding that companies either build products that will last longer or recycle the products instead of dumping it in the landfills.

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