This Meeting Owl Pro Review Will Clear All Your Doubts! Explained!

The Meeting Owl Pro is a 360-degree conference camera that not only has an adorable appearance resembling that of an owl but is also simple to install and entertaining to use.

The one-of-a-kind design of the Meeting Owl also enables this conference camera to blend in seamlessly with the aesthetic of whatever room or workplace space you choose to install it in.

As soon as I opened the box, the box’s cylindrical form immediately piqued my interest.

The top of this cream-colored beauty features a rounded glass camera enclosure and a speaker grill that is coated in a soft cloth.

The Meeting Owl Pro comes with both of these features.

Price And Compatibility Requirements Are Met For The Owl Pro.

The Meeting Owl Pro can be purchased for a total price of $999. It features a 1080p 360-degree camera that is driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 CPU, eight built-in microphones, and three built-in speakers.

Meeting Owl Pro

Additionally, it is compatible with macOS and Windows 10 operating systems.

It is compatible with virtually every video conferencing software, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Skype, among others.

What About Its Cost?

Amazon is selling the Owl Labs Meeting Owl Pro for 1,19,999 right now.

The Meeting Owl, its slightly less expensive sibling device, has a similar form factor, comes in black, and retails for $799; however, it only comes with a 720p 360-degree camera and one built-in speaker rather than two.

The Meeting Owl is also available.

Complying with the Owl Pro design

The Meeting Owl Pro has a cream-white colour, grey soft cloth speaker grill covers, and circular LED lights that come on when using the unit, giving it an owl-like appearance.

It reminds me of a dressed-up Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker with eyes and a camera at the top of the unit. In addition, the Meeting Owl Pro has a camera at the top of the unit.

It has the appearance of a fashionable Bluetooth speaker, and it mixes in very well with the environment that you are in.

Because of how nicely it worked in our apartment, it gave the impression that we had acquired a new piece of artwork to add to our increasing collection.

In addition, when you switch it on, it makes a hooting sound, which, although initially annoying, grew on me as it simply added more to the overall experience.

Meeting Owl Pro

Not only does the Meeting Owl pro have a nice appearance, but it also has a lot of personalities.

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You will find an on/off switch, a set of volume buttons, and both mute and volume buttons at the very bottom of the device, on opposite sides of the unit.

In addition, there is a notch that allows the power cord and the Micro USB cable to pass through so that the device can be connected to the USB Type-A port on your computer.

The port for the ac power supply and the port for the Micro USB connection are located on the underside of the device, which may be accessed by turning the unit over.

There is also a screw port for mounting, allowing you to attach the device to a speaker stand or tripod if you do want.

If you wish to carry it with you from room to room, the device just weighs 2.6 pounds and has dimensions of 4.4 inches by 4.4 inches by 10.75 inches, so it is both lightweight and easy to move around.

Picture and sound from the Owl Pro meeting

A user-friendly physical factor characterises the Meeting owl Pro, which is a camera designed for use in conference rooms or other large rooms.

It is not designed for compact places, yet I was able to use it very successfully in the confined space of my draped-off home office.

Even though it was built for a conference room full of other people, the autofocus and smart zooming features of The Owl Intelligence System worked well in my small environment.

When I opened the drapes to include my significant other in the video, it swiftly adjusted to cover the rest of our space in addition to her and included her in the recording.

Meeting Owl Pro

The Meeting Owl Pro comes equipped with a 360-degree full-high-definition (1080p) camera that functions faultlessly and accurately reproduces warm, saturated colours as well as skin tones.

The video images are extremely clear, and even more, striking is the fact that they can automatically adjust themselves to the lighting conditions in the room.

If you use it very closely in a confined space, you won’t experience the wide-angle distortion that is present on some of the other cameras designed for use in conference rooms.

In addition, the autofocus software is excellent since it can instantly identify the voice of the person who is speaking and concentrate its attention on that person.

What About Its Processors?

Even though I was ten feet away from the unit and only spoke at a normal volume, the eight built-in microphones that come standard with the Meeting Owl pro were able to pick up my speech exceptionally well.

Audio, including both background and close-up audio. Using its Owl Intelligence system, which was driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 CPU, it did a good job of collecting the speech of individual speakers.

You can choose to turn on the Meeting Owl pro’s noise-cancelling feature inside the mobile app for your phone, which is downloadable from the app stores for both iOS and Android.

The three built-in speakers on the Meeting Owl Pro are very good, and while I wouldn’t recommend using them to host a party, they do provide some good bass.

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However, I wouldn’t recommend using them for anything else.

The person you are conversing with on the other end will also have their voice reproduced in crystal-clear quality by the Owl Pro speakers.

Attending the Owl Pro Software Meeting

The Meeting Owl Pro is a camera that works flawlessly with both the Mac OS and Windows 10 operating systems.

It took me only a few seconds to set it up; all I did was plug it into my computer’s USB Type-A port, launch Google Meet, and select the Meeting Owl Pro as my camera in the settings menu.

After that, it started working flawlessly and immediately afterwards.

On the other hand, if you choose, you can configure it by using the mobile app on your smartphone, which you can get from the app store that is most relevant to you.

Meeting Owl Pro

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Within the app, you can manually alter where the camera’s focus is set, select from a variety of magnification choices, and activate noise cancellation.

There is also a report called meeting analytics that can tell you which days are your busiest and which are your least busy, as well as assist you to keep track of how many meetings you’ve attended, how long they’ve lasted, and how many times you’ve attended them.

It Has Its Own Intelligence System?

The Owl Intelligence System performs an excellent job of smoothly shifting focus from one speaker to the next as they each take their turn speaking.

If one person is taller than the other, it will even automatically make some modest modifications to the camera angle to account for the difference.

It will switch from speaker to speaker like Zoom, but it will do so in a manner that is far more user-friendly on the Owl Pro since it will frame the new speaker apart from the rest of the group.

It will leave you wondering the exact number of cameras that are hidden inside the device.

Meeting Owl Pro

The Meeting Owl Pro highlights different speakers in their frames and even provides a panoramic view of the entire space as well as the people who are participating in the meeting from a 360-degree vantage point.

It is a wonderful feature that broadens the audience that can participate in video conferences.

What Is the Bottom Line?

The Meeting Owl Pro is a camera designed for use in conference rooms; nevertheless, an individual remote worker is also able to utilise it; however, its primary use is for group use.

It is a big upgrade over your average webcam as well as most conference room cameras, which are unable to compete with its native feature set.

Owl Labs has created a terrific product, and it is a significant upgrade.

Because it is a business tool, the price of $999 puts it out of reach for the majority of remote employees who are searching for a webcam but don’t want all of the bells and whistles that the Meeting Owl brings to the table.

Nevertheless, given that people are beginning to return to the workplace as restrictions on Covid-19 begin to be eased, it would be a wonderful addition to your office video conferencing room and would be well worth the expense to level up your company’s video conference game.

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