Meet Sebastian Hernandez as cultural icon’s Met Gala outfit turns heads

Met Gala 2021 commenced on September 13 and saw a range of outfits flaunted by A-list celebrities, but there was much more to it. One of the attendees who made a statement with their choice of outfit was Sebastian Hernandez, who goes by the name Brown Skin Hazel on Instagram.  

Similarly, model and activist Quannah Chasinghorse managed to grab a lot of attention with her Indigenous fashion statement, but clearly, her outfit was underrated. She wore a dress by Dundas x Revolve for her Met Gala debut, but it’s unfortunate how the spotlight was stolen by mainstream celebrities. 

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Who is Sebastian Hernandez? 

Sebastian is a Cultural Icon based in Los Angeles. The Instagram bio shows Sebastian prefers being referred to as she/they. 

By profession, they are an Artist, DJ and a Mover. 

They are also the creator of YOU Los Angeles, an underground dance party “highlighting contemporary DJs in Los Angeles.” The official Instagram account for the event says “everyone is welcome”. 

Sebastian also has another account on Instagram dedicated to photos captured by them. The bio on the page identifies them as a “brown LA native.” Sebastian’s actual nationality, however, is unclear. 

The multitalented artist’s main Instagram profile has over 22,000 followers and so far, they have shared 2398 posts. 

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Brown Skin Hazel’s Met Gala 2021 outfit explored 

Like Quannah, Sebastian also donned an indigenous look at Met Gala 2021. However, they did not wear an outfit as such. 

Sebastian rather chose to make a statement by only wearing a long braid styled with feathers while bearing the rest of their body with only the privates covered, resembling the appearance of Indigenous tribals. 

They shared a picture of themselves walking the red carpet and captioned it: “Made an AMERIKKKAN appearance or wtvr”.

The picture only shows Sebastian’s posterior and blood splattered all over the body. 

However, it’s unclear if  Sebastian is Indigenous by origin or they simply chose to sport the look to bring more awareness towards the community. 

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+



Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+





Twitter heaps Sebastian with praise

Sebastian and other Met Gala attendees’ decision to show up in indigenous outfits is being praised by Twitter users. Meanwhile, some are impressed with Sebastian’s bold statement.

One tweeted, “Indya Moore???? Jeremy Pope????? Grimes???? Alton Mason???? Barbie Ferreira???? Sebastian Hernandez?????? They RULED that Met Gala (and so did many more)”

Another added, “A @southwestness Style Spotligh. At yesterday’s Met Gala, artist, DJ & icon Sebastian Hernandez made a powerful statement with their evocative outfit, seemingly referencing colonial violence against brown, indigenous bodies. As designer”

“The #MetGala theme was “AmeriKKKan Independence” btw AmeriKKKa has indigenous blood on their hands, nobody should be proud to be AmeriKKKan. Why is no one talking about this?,” tweeted another.

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