Meaning behind outrageous INOH text and joke revealed

Everyone is desperate to know the meaning behind the abbreviation INOH which has been used through text a lot recently. The joke definitely needs to be broken down to understand where it comes from.

Many Twitter users have taken to the platform to discuss the meaning behind INOH and make jokes about being “diagnosed” with it.

The text has left many scratching their heads trying to figure out the meaning behind it. So read on to find the outrageous meaning behind INOH, and when to use it.

Meaning behind INOH text and joke revealed

According to Urban Dictionary “INOH” stands for “In need of head.”

To further understand the meaning behind the phrase “INOH” urban dictionary users have provided us with some examples.

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The first being “Jerry texted Sami she was inoh.” or “baby i’m really I.N.O.H” The next example used was one which Twitter users seem to have picked up on, and it is now being used as a way of pranking people; “i told my girl friend i was diagnosed with i.n.o.h and she got scared and then later found out i was in need of head.”

Depending on how you have come across the term “INOH” it could mean multiple different things so don’t jump to this outrageous joke as your conclusion. INOH may also mean Indiana & Ohio.

Twitter react to INOH text and joke revealed

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