McDonald’s Sues Former CEO for Having Affair with Employees

McDonald's CEO S

It appears that McDonald’s former chief executive has taken the company’s slogan “I’m Lovin’ it” in a wrong way. As per the legal documents filed by American fast food giant McDonald’s on Monday that its former CEO Steve Easterbrook has lied about his affair with employees.

The company had set up an internal investigation into this matter and found out that Easterbrook had lied about his affair with three McDonald’s employees. He also got rid of the evidence of his relationship.

Easterbrook was fired in November 2019 by the board of the company. The board took this decision on the basis of “poor judgement” of Easterbrook by getting physical with employees of the company. The said affair with employees was consensual though.

After the investigations results are out, the fast food chain corporation has decided to take the matter a step ahead by suing Easterbrook. The company will be suing him for having an unprofessional conduct at work: inappropriate affair with a worker, destroying the proof of his affair and lying about it. 

McDonald’s former CEO has publicly admitted that he exchanged sexual videos and messages with a worker. When the company tried to investigate it, he lied that he wasn’t having an affair with any other employee. McDonald’s doesn’t approve of the relationship between managers and subordinates. 

Easterbrook was offered $40 million stock-benefits, almost 25+ weeks of financial compensation worth $670,000. They are now trying to get it all back. Company carried out an internal probe and found that he was in an affair with three employees prior to his termination.

Now McDonald’s is suing him for lying about it. They will block him from accessing the stock options he has. The question is whether they will succeed in this lawsuit against Easterbrook. 

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