Maura and her love journey at Love Island was hilarious.


Look at the journey of Maura Higgins in Love Island Season 5. Scroll down to find the Most Memorable Quotes (Maura Love Island).

  • Maura Higgins is a 28-years old Model.
  • She is from County Longford in Ireland.
  • She took part in the fifth season of Love Island.
  • The fifth series of Love Island began airing on 3 June 2019 on ITV2,and concluded on 29 July 2019.

Love Island Uk: Maura Higgins’ Most Memorable Quotes from Season 5


Maura Higgins was not very popular while in the game. But everyone involved has their own way of conveying what they have in mind. These are his best quotes for season 5.

Season 5 The Love Island UK cast faced many difficult facts and complex encounters, but Maura Higgins did not support it. Maura is a famous contestant on Love Island and a model girl with a ring from Ireland. He was not involved from day one, he arrived at the villa on Day 10.

Maura didn’t have a very easy time at the villa, either it was rejected on her first renovation or she only got 8 or 9 days between returnees. He rolled his fists, made 4th place, and will be known forever as one of the comedian members of Season 5, whether he meant it or not. And the phrases he used during his time at the villa, many of which will not be included here, will go down in the history of Love Island.

1.”I’d Rather Stick Pins In My Eyeballs, To Be Honest.”


In one of the episodes it is shown that Tom was busy telling others in the villa how he did not like Maura. Listening to Mora tried to face him twice. At first he tried to stop this and reassured her that he liked things where they were going but not long after that he started calling her a cheater and demanding attention. He confronted her again to hear the truth from her but she was not faithful to him since everything was happening behind her.

In a conversation like that between Tom and Maura where the first line always breaks the heart and mind of everyone whether they are sharing or watching the show, his biting words are funny.

2.”It’s 2019, Why Is It Such A Big Deal When A Girl Talks About Sex?”

Earlier in the season Tom and Mora had just started dating and laughed a little. In the confession room, Maura remarks, “The new way is, try not to talk too much about sex. Because maybe boys don’t like that.” And while he was laughing at the story at the time, one of his most memorable quotes came from his disrespectful response to Tom ab0ut their possible night in secret.

3. “I Can’t Believe She Wasted All The Wine.”

The islanders were given a wringer at a party that dealt with Belle and Anton’s fight. As things began to look back on the big villa, Molly Mae went down the stairs, almost broke her ankle and spilled her wine.

After the incident everyone went to check on her and Molly herself started laughing and reassuring everyone that she was alive and well. At the time Maura said, “I don’t believe you wasted wine.” It was a funny quick release that fans could always rely on Maura to give them.

4.”It Was A Really Good Kiss. But I’m Not Going To Tell Him That!”


Luckily, Maura avoided any big game that came with the field, but she had a difficult decision to make between Dennon and Marvin.

When Dennon called her for a chat and asked for a kiss, she was later found to have “a very nice kiss. But I won’t tell her that! “That was a good call when you consider leaving Casa Amor and Marvin to replace Dennon. Kissing didn’t make his decision easy, but from what the fans could have said, it was an important factor but it helped him see that he would prefer to continue with Marvin who is very committed.

5. “Why Ya Asking Her That?!”

Amy was devastated after Casa Amor when Curtis told her the truth that she was initially planning to reconcile with someone else. Amy began talking to the girls and when Lucie asked frankly, “But do you like it?” Maura skipped this quote because she knew how hard the question would hit Amy.

6. “I’m Not Gonna Let Anyone Talk About Me Like I’m A Piece Of Garbage!”

Since Mara joined the Villa sheet, he has tried to be forward and honest no matter what happens in that situation. All season he has tried to keep things that way to make it easier and more mature to manage. He always reminded himself and others of the same. When Tom came in after the meeting, Tom Jose Molly replaced Maura. Mara was disappointed and thought she would continue together. But when he heard Tom talking and disrespecting his openness about his sexual life he confronted her.

She was independent and may have shown other girls that if she ever encountered a situation when she felt this way, they could also deal with that issue.

7.”Things Look Good, I’m Happy That There’s A New Man In Here.”


In this episode Tom chose Molly after Lisa played Anna and Maura thought they would be sent home. Instead they were sent for two days with young boys Tom and Jordan. Mora got along well with Tom even after a few problems and clashes in the conversation.

Back at the villa, in the confession room, Maura opened her chest in a relaxed manner, “Things look great. I’m glad there’s a new person here.” It was clear from his voice that he was frustrated by the hand he had been working on when he first arrived at the villa, so having days when he thought he might return home seemed refreshing.

8. “Are You Joking?!”

These words can be translated in two ways: either as a literal question or as a sarcastic but unanswered answer. It is not exactly the same as the other British slang in the show, but it is a statement Maura made for herself and used it more often than not when she was surprised.

More’s time at Villa was a source of tension between Tommy and Molly. He used this expression in confession in Rome when he wondered why he would need anyone’s permission to speak to Tommy. He used the phrase in a playful way when he later asked Tom if he thought he and Molly were better than their partners. He has never hesitated to strike down human ego whenever he gets the chance. Especially with Tom when he reassured her again and again.

Maura Love Island Scene

Here I have mentioned the First Look of Maura Love Island. Just click on the video and enjoy it.

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