Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Statue Pre-Orders Begins

Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider
Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider

After a long wait, today’s the day when Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Statue will go live for pre-order. Since the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018, there are a lot of in-game moments for fans to cherish. Out of these moments, Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider is the most popular suit.

That’s why with the release of Scarlet Spider Statue, it’s getting immortalize as a collectible figure. Once released officially, it’ll be added to the Marvel’s armory collection.

A collection that already has some of the best spider-man suits. PCS collectibles and Slideshow collectibles are teaming to create some exceptional action figure. Although, the statue will not be released today instead you can secure t for yourself just by pre-ordering it.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Statue Sneak Peek

Recently PCS and Sideshow Collectibles also game the sneak peek to the statue. Once it was out on the web, every fan recognized it instantly. The suit looked to be totally red in color with completely white eyes. Apart from this, the most striking feature, a feature that made me like it more than the in-game suit.

It’s the bright blue color sleeveless hoodie that spider-man wears on top of its original dress. that sets the suit apart from others is the bright blue, sleeveless hoodie he wears over the normal costume. On the front and back, there’s a spider-man symbol, just like the in Marvell’s Spider-Man video game.

That’s how the preview of Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Statue looks in real-world “This highly detailed Marvel collectible portrays Spider-Man’s alternate red undersuit with a blue sleeveless hoodie over the top, The hoodie features two stenciled spray-paint-styled spider symbols on the chest and the back, resting just above a utility belt brimming with tech. Specialized web cartridges form silver gauntlets around his wrist and ankles. The Scarlet Spider stands tall, fingers ready to close down on his web-shooter sensors in his palms.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Statue Price & Specifics

Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Statue is a 1:10 figure that’s 7.5” tall. As shown in the above-posted image, it comes in its own accents over the black base to cover up the hoodie. Although we don’t have the release date yet you can pre-order from today onwards at the pricing of $94.99. Whenever Scarlet Spider Statue arrives, you can check its status from here.

Now, coming back to the Marvel’s Spider-Man Scarlet Spider suit, the PS4 version is not the end. In fact, when Sony introduced PS5 to the world, a new spider man game was also introduced exclusively for the PlayStation 5. So, you can expect the scarlet suit to appear again in the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS5 Remaster Rumor

As soon as Sony revealed the next-gen. gaming console PS5 and Miles Morales game through their online presence, several reports, and rumors started emerging regarding Miles Morales game being the PS5 remastered version.

Once again, the rumor has come up to life. Some reliable gaming magazines are now suggesting that the upcoming PlayStation 5 video game may come with the remastered version of the original PS4 game.

Here’s what the latest report by a reputed publication says, “Miles Morales isn’t a traditional sequel, since it comes with a remastered version of Insomniac’s Spider-Man that takes full advantage of the PS5 hardware”. Furthermore, last month in June, one of Sony’s executives described the upcoming spiderman game as “expansion and an enhancement to the previous game”.

Later the developers rubbished everything and clarified stating, “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the next adventure in the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe. We will reveal more about this standalone game at a future date.”

Looking at their present stance, I would say this does not rule out the possibility of a remastered version of the original spiderman game. Well, whatever it is, we’ll find out about it when the game releases worldwide along with the next-gen. gaming console PS5.

Final Words

That’s all for now. If you liked the original Marvel’s Spider-Man than do let me know your thoughts on the Scarlet Spider Suit. Will you purchase it? And what about Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales being the remastered version of the original game.

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