Mahou Sensou Season 2- Release Date | Plot | Cast And More

Mahou Sensou Season 2

People are watching more anime then actually watching TV series, because why not? Sometimes I think that Anime has already taken the world into their hands. There is already a lot of anime which are coming lately like, that time I got reincarnated as a slime, the asterisk war, Assassins Pride and many more in the list.

As we have already posted pretty much article about the anime. So, this one will also be dedicated to it. We will be focusing on another latest anime named, Mahou Sensou or ‘Magical Warfare’. Why there are two names? Mostly, many anime has two names, one being the Japanese one and other being the English one. So, the same follows for this one too. If you’re interested to know about this anime then read this article to the end to have exact and correct knowledge about it.

Furthermore, we’ll be discussing the release of its second season.

Mahou Sensou Season 2

Mahou Sensou – What Do You Need to Know?

Like every anime series, this one is also a taken from the manga version. The light novel named also named as Mahou Sensou which is the original work of Hisashi Suzuki. The manga received well by the people and this is when You Ibuki thought of turning it into an anime. The series initially released on the television on 9 January 2014.

Now, if you’re new to this series and looking whether it is right for you or not then I’ll help you to find it out. Tell me if Adventure or Romance or Fantasy are your go-to genre? If yes then you are lucky to have all these within in this anime if not. Then I’ll recommend you to go and check our website and find your best anime. The story of this anime revolves around a young boy named Takeshi Nanase. He met with a girl, who is kind of unconscious, as we all know the kind behaviour of our main protagonist, he tends to help her. In place of “thank you”, she gave him some magical powers. In the first season, you’ll come across him fulfilling all his dreams, dreams which a normal high school boy want.

Now, after the end of the first season, fans want to know more about the story. This anime started gaining good feedback from people and gets more popular in the country. There was some criticism too, which basically ask to do several changes in the story but overall, it was great.

Mahou Sensou Season 2

Mahou Sensou Season 2 – What Is the Release Date?

Talking about the release date of Mahou Sensou, Well! We don’t know actually. There is no confirmation of whether the second part is happening or not. After the end of the first part, there was no confirmation whether the season 2 is getting renewed or not.

Moreover, if there will be any news regarding the second season, we’ll update you. For that, keep checking our website Keeperfacts.

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Mahou Sensou Season 2 – What Do the People Say About It?

Since there is no news about season two, people have put their own thoughts in social sites. Some of them are quite true and we would like to present some of them here.

One of the Reddit users asked, “So I’m just wondering, I just finished Mahou Sensou and the way they ended it left the storey wide open for a season 2. Does anyone have any info on if/when they are going to do season 2? The show aired in 2014 so I would imagine that it would be coming up soon if they were going to.”

And there are comments like, there will be no season 2 because they didn’t sell out well. I, personally have seen much anime that have no chance of getting another season but they did. So I cannot say anything about it.

Although we don’t fully believe in it some people do. Tell me in the comment section what you think about it.

Mahou Sensou Season 2

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Where Is the Official Teaser of This Anime?

No teaser announcement has been made yet and fans are just spamming the demand of season 2 in the first teaser video. The viewership in the videos, which are posted in YouTube has hit the millions and still counting. During this time, we don’t have anything to show you.

Whereas you can watch this video to refresh your memories.

Mahou Sensou – Will There Be Season 2?

The first season ended in the cliffhanger, which left fans to suspect more in the story. I don’t believe if anyone says that the first season was ended. There was more for more storyline and the writer can add more to it.

Luckily, I am not alone who feel the same, there are many people on the internet claiming the same thing. There are other people who don’t really love this show. Let’s read some of their tweets –

“I am so confused, what the hell happened in the ending of Mahou sensou?? I don’t understand it. They should have at least cleared the story. I have expected so much from this show. ☹”

“MADHOUSE has some of the amazing anime of all time but Mahou sensou was not that great. There should be a season 2 at least. I have so many doubts related to this anime. Ohh god!”

“I love how she mentioned her performance of Nisekoi and Maousana songs but completely skipped talking about Mahou Sensou LMAO. This makes us think about the meme, ‘The first rule about this anime is – we don’t really like to talk about it’”.

Mahou Sensou Season 2

What do you think about season 2? Will, it going to happen or not?

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