Madden NFL 21: EA Adds ‘The Yard’ to Mobile Version

Madden nfl 21
Madden nfl 21

EA has finally ended all the speculations regarding The Yard as there have officially announced for Madden NFL 21 with a press release. The best thing with this announcement is that, in reality, it’s much better than what everyone thought it might be.

Are you excited to know more about it? Well, before going ahead, do watch this short trailer clip released by EA.

The Yard Underground Official Trailer

This official trailer by EA mainly focuses on the mobile version of the game. Watch it till the end –

How’s the trailer?

Did you like it?

Do let me know your view on this via the comments section given at end of this post.

The Yard & The Yard: Underground

As an alternative to traditional Madden plays, the backyard-style football is a 6 vs. 6 (console) and a 5 vs. 5 (mobile) concept.

Further, you get complete freedom in customizing your gaming avatar. Build it up, decide the outfit & gears of your avatar. Looking at the small trailer clip, all I can say is, the game is designed to make sure it delivers to its target audience.

An audience that loves to get an arcade experience with over the top tricks and plays.

This game is available in SOLO, online co-op, computer vs online multiplayer for PC & console player. As compared to them, mobile users will only get to play this game in Solo mode.

Although in many ways, both the versions are different from each other, their primary objective is to work together in order to win many games.

Further, by winning these games, you can earn some new accessories for your in-game avatar. Here, the good thing is The Yard and The Yard: Underground will have a shared inventory.

What this means is that your earned rewards will be accessible to both console and mobile platforms.

Official EA’s press release:

“House rules are the name of the game and creativity after the snap is where The Yard’s all-new gameplay takes full effect. New animations lead to momentum-shifting moments, where players can run up the score with extended play combinations.”

“In the Gillette Style Zone, players will be able to customize their avatar, including facial hair, hairstyle, and more, to express their individuality. Visiting the Gear Store allows players to outfit their avatar in fresh looks, with exclusive new gear drops planned all season long.”

“Players will also develop their own playstyle as they rack up wins in The Yard, all while earning experience points, rewards and competing in new field locations with unique vibes and varied rule sets.”

The Yard Initial Expectation

Sometime back when The Yard related rumors were in full flow, there was one report that suggested that The Yard will not have a team competition.

At one point, there were rumors swirling that suggested The Yard would not have online head-to-head or team competition.

Luckily, that’s not the case in reality. Once the game releases, it would be fun to play the game in 3-on-3 mode – A quarterback with 2 human-controlled receivers against 2 defenders and a linebacker. As long as the gameplay is fun, it would be fun to play this game. Be it is on console or mobile.


The Yard is a new way to play Madden NFL 21. Although the worldwide release of Madden NFL 21 on August 28, is weeks away, you can download and play this game on your Android or iOS smartphone. The best thing here is that the mobile version offers the much-awaited Yard: Underground feature. Although it’s limited to solo, you can get your hands on this new feature before its official release.

That’s all for now. Would you play Yard: Underground in Madden NFL 21 once it releases on PC, PS4, Xbox, and steam? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section given below.

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