A True and Joyful Throwback to Madam Secretary Season 6

Madam Secretary Season 6

Hello Readers .!! I hope you all are well and happy. 

I am coming up with the throwback of the show (Madam Secretary Season 6).Therefore, we all know that it has been 2 years since the start of the sixth and final season.

Since the last one, everyone is excited to know the final season of the show. But did Madam’s secretary deliver? Did they meet the expectations of the audience?

What was all this about? What was the outcome? What controversy arises in this drama?

And also one of the most popular shows (Madam Secretary) holds a rating of 7.6/10 from Imdb. Isn’t it interesting? 

I always watch the show after checking the reviews and the ratings. Do you follow this norm? I will personally check the rating of this show and the rating is quite interesting. That’s why I watched it and Also recommend you to watch.

Stay tuned at the end of the show to know everything and everything in the show.

  • Madam Secretary is a television series of American political drama Series.
  • Made by Barbara Hall.
  • Madam Secretary was renewed for the sixth and final season in May 2019, which was first shown on October 6, 2019.
  • During the course of the series, 120 episodes of Madam Secretary featured more than six episodes, between September 21, 2014 and December 8, 2019.
  • The story editor of the series is Matt Chester.

Let’s have a look at the Plotline, Cast and more….

All about the Show : Madam Secretary Season 6

Madam Secretary Season 6

Last season of the show, Season 6 was revived after the end of season 5. As it was last season, all fans were expecting a lot from it. And they kept it that way without embarrassing the fans. It got the right conclusion.

It ended with an unfinished story for everyone and a very happy wedding and one last success for Elizabeth.

In the final episodes, Elizabeth even won the indictment. In the tenth episode, Elizabeth and Henry rode the perfect sunset for the last time which showed the excitement of the past in the game. It was a good ending to the show. It was a very different view for us to watch Madam Secretary like that.

The conclusion has shown how important the family is and it is not always about politics in life. There is always someone who has some connection and has a family to take care of and take care of behind the professional face. The conclusion presented it well to the audience. It has brought perfect balance to Elizabeth’s life.

Viewers included all the previous characters in this final episode. We’ve seen a lot of people and characters repeat themselves and it was great to watch them in the last episode before the show ended. It was a real ending that gave a complete impression to it and made all the fans satisfied and happy about it.

Cast & Crew Members of Madam Secretary Season 6

Madam Secretary Season 6

The main characters given below are all to be appreciated.

  • Téa Leoni as Elizabeth McCord
  • Tim Daly as Henry McCord
  • Keith Carradine as President Conrad Dalton
  • Patina Miller as Daisy Grant
  • Sebastian Arcelus as Jay Whitman
  • Kathrine Herzer as Alison McCord
  • Evan Roe as Jason McCord
  • Wallis Currie-Wood as Stephanie ‘Stevie’ McCord
  • Chris Petrovski as Dmitri Petrov
  • Sabina Zuniga Varela as Angela Lopez ( Sabina Zúñiga Varela)
  • Tracee Chimo Pallero as Nina Cummings
  • Roe Hartrampf as Trevor Kingston
  • Francis Jue as Chinese Foreign Minister Chen
  • Kevin Rahm as Michael ‘Mike B’ Barnow
  • Geoffrey Arend as Matt Mahoney
  • Erich Bergen as Blake Moran
  • Zeljko Ivanek as Russell Jackson
  • Cicely Tyson as Flo Avery
  • Tyne Daly as Senator Amy Ross
  • Linda Emond as Carol Jackson

Comment your favorite character in the given section below.

Madam Secretary Season 6 (Episode List)

No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 “Hail to the Chief” Eric Stoltz Barbara Hall & David Grae October 6, 2019
2 “The Strike Zone” Felix Alcala Joy Gregory October 13, 2019
3 “Killer Robots” Rob Greenlea Keith Eisner October 20, 2019
4 “Valor” James Whitmore Jr. Lyla Oliver October 27, 2019
5 “Daisy” Rob Greenlea Alexander Maggio November 3, 2019
6 “Deepfake” Leslie Libman Matt Chester November 10, 2019
7 “Accountability” Darnell Martin Leland Jay Anderson November 17, 2019
8 “Ships and Countries” Sam Hoffman Joy Gregory November 24, 2019
9 “Carpe Diem” Felix Alcala David Grae December 1, 2019
10 “Leaving the Station” Eric Stoltz Barbara Hall December 8, 2019

Madam Secretary Season 6

Final Words :-

It was refreshing, going back to the end of Madam Secretary’s season. The way it brings human rights, and women’s rights, in general, is a new breath. Many shows will end these problems but Madam Secretary is dealing with them directly.

I hope you all understand the series. If you want to watch the game you can easily stream it to Voot by clicking on this link. We could recommend you to watch the show if you haven’t watched it yet. It is really something new and exciting to watch with family and friends.

What do you think of Madam Secretary Season 6? Are you expecting more or is it a satisfactory conclusion? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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