Why Is MacBook Air Always The First Choice Of Professionals? Explained!

Apple’s new MacBook Air with an M1 chip is a success.

This machine and its new Apple-made processor have exceeded my expectations on practically every level during my week-long testing.

As a work computer, I’ve used it as a MacBook Air should be used. During this time, my battery lasted eight to ten hours.

When Apple switched from an Intel chip to its processor, I had a list of potential traps that Apple may have hit. Chip transitions are notoriously difficult and inefficient.

Instead of avoiding them, the MacBook Air leaps over them.

Of course, there are flaws. Apple’s insistence on utilising crappy webcams is a pain, and iPad apps are a mess.

To be honest, I was often impressed by the MacBook Air’s performance.

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It’s true. In years, I haven’t used a more remarkable notebook than the MacBook Air with M1.

MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air looks almost comparable to the Intel-based model released earlier this year.

With its familiar wedge shape, 2560 x 1600 screen with 400 nits of brightness, Touch ID fingerprint login, decent speakers and Apple’s updated sci-fi keyboard, the MacBook Air is a fan favourite.

What About Its Cost?

It starts at $999 for an 8GB variant with 256GB storage. Less than a year ago, I was surprised to learn that the base model had one less core on its graphics processor than the more expensive models. (I suspect not much.)

A 16GB variant with 1TB storage costs $1,649. Again, no later upgrades are possible.

The new model differs from the previous model just on one exterior feature. Apple replaced some of the function row’s buttons with more practical ones.

No Disturb, Do Not Disturb, and Dictation is now available. The quality of Dictation may likely surprise those who haven’t used it before.

The rest is inside. Just an aluminium heat spreader replaces the fan.

The machine never got hotter than a little warm even when I pushed it hard.

Apple knows the system’s thermal limit and keeps the MacBook well within it.

MacBook Air

But The Webcam Is Not Great!

Sadly, the webcam is still 720p and awful. But generally, it looks horrible (albeit a more processed version of bad).

Apple has also switched to a single memory architecture, which means there is no separate graphics RAM, which will affect pro users and developers more than typical MacBook Air customers.

Apple says it’s more efficient. Unable to comment on the 8GB model’s RAM, but the 16GB in my review item worked flawlessly.

Because this MacBook Air is speedy, I have yet to encounter any performance issues.

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The MacBook Air is a pro-level notebook in every way. It never groans with several apps. (I’ve run over a dozen at once.) It runs Photoshop and even Adobe Premiere without a hitch. It hasn’t stopped me from opening ten more tabs in Chrome, for example.

When Apple announced its new M1 Mac processors last week, it made big claims and refused to dampen expectations. Unbelievable after using one.

They are slower, buggier, and more complex than Intel-based Windows laptops that I’ve tried. The fact that everything works as well as it does surprises me.

This CPU is designed to operate well with macOS and Apple’s programmes, so I knew macOS would be quick.

The smoothness of each app surprised me.

As a reminder, apps are usually built to function with a single CPU, thus running them on a different processor requires extra work.

MacBook Air

When you first launch an Intel-based app on a Mac, it instals a piece of software called Rosetta 2.

Instead of emulation on Windows, Rosetta 2 translates. They launch slower, but once running, they run. Not yet (but there may be ones I haven’t found).

What About The Benchmark Results?

We ran benchmarks, of course. Some of our findings are shown below.

The frame rate of Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one that I’d like to highlight. 38 fps is a good number for a gaming laptop with a low-end GPU.

It’s rare for a computer with a GPU. This MacBook Air is doing work that would have destroyed my old MacBook Air.

It even beats the latest Intel laptops with integrated graphics in our Adobe Premiere export test.

Not the numbers are important. They are impressive and mirror my real-life computer experience.

That Tomb Raider and Adobe Premiere aren’t optimised for this chip yet is worth noting. Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation layer is handling them.

That the M1 chip was built in partnership with the Rosetta team means there are likely to be many optimizations.

To match Intel’s default bitrate, we had to set the slider to 80. Weird! Our best answer is that Premiere isn’t officially supported on the M1 as of this writing.)

MacBook Air

You will not be disappointed if you currently own a MacBook Air. It outperforms Intel-based Windows ultrabooks, including the newest CPUs, in my opinion.


Apple claims 18 hours of movie playback and 15 hours of wifi web on this computer.

In addition to a smaller battery, the manufacturer says I can expect up to 50% better battery life than the previous Air. All of these changes result in higher productivity.

How did I do? Depending on how hard I push it, I get between 8 and 10 hours of genuine work every week. Although not quite 50% better than the previous MacBook Air, it’s close enough.

Please note that these data are from apps I use, such as Chrome and apps built on the Chrome engine, such as Slack.

Also, certain programmes require Rosetta 2 to do real-time code translation, significantly reducing battery life.

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With the M1’s native apps, I predict even greater battery life if these apps are redesigned to be “universal.”

If you shut down your MacBook Air, apps that were running before you shut them down will catch up considerably faster.

Because awakening the Air from sleep is so effortless, I find myself closing it more often than I normally would.

This MacBook Air’s battery life should be enough to make most consumers pick between the new 13-inch MacBook Pro and this MacBook Air.

It gets a couple of additional hours of use in Nilay’s tests. Other than the fan, the Pro has Touch Bar and a somewhat brighter screen.

This enables it to run large workloads for longer. The new Mac mini is the same.

iPhone and iPad apps may now run natively on the MacBook Air thanks to the same CPU architecture.

MacBook Air

To find them in the Mac App Store, you must use specific search criteria. Unfortunately, developers cannot directly distribute iOS apps to users.

Be prepared to be disappointed when you visit the Mac App Store to download your favourite apps.

Your iPhone and iPad apps will appear when you click your name in the lower-left corner.

Most of the apps were from developers who haven’t updated them to work with newer devices.

Many, many developers have chosen not to make their apps available on Mac. Instagram, Slack, Gmail, and many others are down.

I believe they did it to avoid a clunky Mac app experience.

It’s because using iOS apps on Mac is a disaster. This functionality should have been marked beta by Apple.

A superb app is coded to work with the current iPad standards. The podcasting app Overcast is good and easy to use.

But HBO Max is a shambles. Neither resizing nor full-screen videos are supported. What?

Apple said the following issue will be fixed soon. I downloaded Telegram for iOS, which initially worked perfectly.

An app opens on top of my other windows when I receive a message. In Launch Center, I couldn’t erase it using the X button.

And even after I manually deleted it in the Finder, it continued to hang around till I rebooted, sending me notifications.

This new mechanism is named “Touch Alternatives” and it is accessible for any iOS app. To run touchscreen-dependent apps on a Mac, you must use a combination of buttons, gestures, and spells.

Indeed, it is the clearest indication yet that Apple is tying itself up in knots to avoid doing what is obvious: adding a touchscreen to the Mac.

What About Optimization?

Fortunately, you can ignore these iOS apps until their makers optimise them or Apple finds a better way to clean up the strange things.

Apple discontinued the Intel-based MacBook Air at the same time it introduced the new M1-based MacBook Air with an Intel processor.

In addition to the MacBook Air becoming Apple’s best-selling computer, the company sold more Macs than ever last quarter.

But that was the best choice. I can’t think of a single reason to use the older Intel model.

Apple still has to improve performance on the top end for heavy workloads, according to professionals.

Is Graphic Card Allowed?

Using an external graphics card isn’t allowed, and you can only use one external display at a time.

This MacBook Air is the ultimate all-purpose computer. And sure, it has an excellent keyboard and a long battery life.

But apologies for the webcam! It’s the main reason we couldn’t award it a 10.

It’s part of the processor’s design. They frequently accept faulty programmes, slowdowns, and odd glitches as early adopters.

Apple has avoided all of that by carefully integrating its new processor with software.

You don’t need to be concerned about the technical nuances that enabled the MacBook Air to make that shift effectively.

That I can say is possibly the most impressive thing.

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