Lovesick: Romantic Life Of Three Friends Is Coming Back With Its Season 4!

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The rom-com series named Lovesick started with an unfortunate title called Scrotal Recall. After its release on Channel 4, it was shifted to Netflix. People warm welcomed it with open arms and enjoyed it a lot.

Fans are waiting for the fourth season, which is still doubtful. Here is some information related to it.

Tom Edge is the creator of the sitcom that got released on 2nd October 2014 on Channel 4 and Netflix.

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Elliot Hegarty, Gordon Anderson, and Aneil Karia are the directors of British drama.

Charlie Leech is the producer of Lovesick, which was previously known as Scrotal Recall.

The show has completed its three seasons with a total of 22 episodes. Each episode consists of 21-27 minutes of running time.

What Is The Plotline Of The Series Lovesick?

The show revolves around the romantic life of three friends named Dylan, Evie, and Luke, who are flatmates and live in the West End of Glasgow. Dylan, who is a romantic personality, finds himself suffering from Chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease. After the diagnosis, he starts to contact all her previous girlfriends to let them know about his disease. Meanwhile, Evie, who has feelings for Dylan, gets engaged to Mal. The story progresses with the flashbacks revealing Dylan’s multiple relations and the struggles that the friends faced.

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The third season of the show focuses more on the relationships of Evie, Dylan, and Luke with each other and the problems of Angus. It ended up with Evie and Dylan together. But that doesn’t mean that the series has come to an end. In an interview, Edge revealed that if Season 4 will exist, it will be more about the lighter side of the series. Flynn also told that the series might be planned for a holiday special if possible. He also hinted that the story might progress with Evie and Dylan having kids.

The Release Date: When Will The Fourth Season Of The Show Lovesick Be Aired On Netflix?

The last season of the show was aired on 1st January 2018 with eight episodes. Netflix has cancelled the show officially after the third season. The actors are busy with different projects right now, and there are very few chances for the renewal of the comedy series. Flynn told in an interview that he would like to come back if Netflix would agree for a new season or a special episode. According to them, we should hope for the best as the series may return in the future.

What Are The Names Of The Characters Involved In The Series Lovesick?

  • The protagonist of the show is Dylan Witter, played by Johnny Flynn. He is a romantic personality who skips from one casual relationship to another, with more expectations. He was working as a barista and is now employed in landscaping as a garden designer.
  • Antonia Thomas is playing the role of the best friend of Luke and Dylan named Evelyn “Evie” Douglas. She is usually single and is engaged to Mal for the first two seasons. She has feelings for Dylan but is confused because of the relations between them. She is employed as a photographer and illustrator.
  • Daniel Ings is playing the role of the roommate and best friend of Dylan and Evie named Luke Curran. He is careless and shallow but can do anything for his friends. He is too much dedicated to his friends. He works in Volcano Media as an app developer.
  • Abigail Saunders, played by Hannah Britland, is the barmaid at the wedding of Angus and Helen. She is also the ex-lover of Dylan. After she meets Dylan for his diagnosis, they restart their relationship. She is a writer by her main profession and wanted to become a storyteller.
  • Angus Baker, played by Joshua McGuire, is the university friend of the trio. He appears to be childish but is very intelligent with a background in mathematics.
  • Richard Thomson is playing the role of the fiance of Evie named Malcolm or Mal. He was a soldier and is now employed as a police constable. Due to his job, he always helps Evie and his friends.
  • Maria “Jonesy” Jones, played by Yasmine Akram, is a university friend and is strictly against relationships.
  • The other characters of the series are:
  • Phoebe Morris’s role played by Susannah Fielding
  • Cleo’s role played by Riann Steele
  • Samuels’s role played by Jamie Demetriou
  • McNeish’s role played by Turlough Convery

What Are The Ratings Of The Series Lovesick?

The series received an awesome response from the critic’s side. Based on ten critic ratings, the last season of the show has scored 100% on Tomatometer. The audience score of the show is about 90%, according to 82 user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Lovesick has got a rating of 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb.

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Where Can We Watch The Series Lovesick?

There are many websites over the Internet where the show can be streamed. It was originally telecasted on Netflix for seasons 2 and 3. So, you can watch it on Netflix after subscription.

You can stream it on Amazon Prime after buying or renting it.

You can also stream it on Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play after buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Series Lovesick:

How was the end of the second season of Lovesick?

The show ended with a mess. Dylan revealed that he loves Abigail. Meanwhile, Evie admits to Luke that she left Mal, her fiance, for Dylan.

Did Evie and Dylan end up being together?

Their togetherness will be terrible. There are so many reasons that show that Evie and Dylan may end up together.

Whose death takes place in Lovesick?

Phoebe dies in the series after five years of ending her relationship with Dylan. The cause of her death was unknown. Luke was attracted to her and suffered a lot after her death.

To whom did Luke end up then?

We are looking forward to Luke and Jonesy’s relationship. After getting affected by Phoebe’s death, he has suffered a lot and deserves happiness now. His vibe with Jonesy matches the same as of Phoebe.


Lovesick has gained much popularity and is still making fans. Season 3 was considered as a finale, but we can still expect a renewal. Keep watching Lovesick!

If you have any queries regarding the Lovesick season 4, drop a comment in a comment box. We love to answer.

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