Love Alarm Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Even there is no guarantee that our feeling will be reciprocated a famous dialogue from the Love Alarm and now it is coming with the new season. Everything you need to know is here.

Love Alarm Season 2

Just like tinder, okcupid or any other dating apps, Love Alarm webseries is a korean webseries based on the apps which help peoples to meet their new friends in range of 10 meters and then lot of things happens between them. Isn’t it interesting – right?

If you haven’t watch the love alarm season 1, this season is already aired on netflix and you just need a subscription to enjoy this webseries.

FYI, This series has 8 episodes of around 50 minutes each and having good IMDb rating of about 7.4 stars out of 10.

Many viewers have watched this whole series in one go and that’s how you could imagine the success of love alarm series especially for their viewers.

Now, let’s get back to the point “when will be the love alarm season 2 release?”, love alarm season 2 cast, plot, trailer (first look) and so on!

Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm season 2 is a South Korean web series which is based on Daum Webtoon. It is the first-ever Korean show on Netflix. Love alarm is a drama fantasy having a lot of buzz and comedy in it.

The Love alarm is created by Jinny Kim and produced by Kijjae Kim. The story revolves around disruptive technology, the love alarm app.

The app shows a circle of radius of 10 meters and also the rating of the people who love them in this radius of 10m.

Netflix's 'Love Alarm' season 2: Release date, plot, cast and everything else about the hit K-drama's 2nd installment | MEAWW

At first, the app is interesting but later on, it becomes quite destructive for its users and other people as well. The story is very interesting to watch.

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Release Date of Love Alarm Season 2

The Show was going to be released on August 22 in the year 2020 but as we all know what happens in 2020, Yes Pandamic attack of Coronavirus which results in the delay of the Love Alarm Season 2.

Apart from the love alarm season 2, there are so many web series who got affected due to corona. Do you want to know the affected webseries?

Check here:

The release date is pushed back to the year 2021 stated by officials. The viewers are hoping for the love alarm not to get delayed again.

If we get any information related to the release of the Love Alarm new Season then we will update in this article soon 🙂

Love Alarm Season 2

Where To Watch Love Alarm Season 2?

The previous season of the love alarm is available on Netflix with its complete 8 episodes. Also stating that the Love Alarm Season 2 is going to be premiere on Netflix and will become the Netflix First-ever Korean Web series.

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The Stars of Love Alarm Season 2

We have mentioned some of the cast members of the Love Alarm season 2.

  • Kim So Hyun
  • Jung Ga Ram
  • Song Kang
  • Kim Shi Eun
  • Go Min Shi
  • Kim Jo-jo
  • Jordan
  • Z.Hera
  • Move Min-si
  • Shin Seung-ho
  • Lee Jae-Seung

We have a video of the Love Alarm stars in which they are thanking their viewers for their huge love and support.

Love Alarm First Season IMDb User Reviews

The Reaction of the users after watching the season on is mentioned below. We have mentioned fair reviews so that you can be able to distinguish whether the series is good for you or not.

It could have easily been a movie or an episode on a black mirror. It was great but I found it too silent and draggy as it went on. However, the chemistry between Kim JoJo and the rich model boy was lit
Loved the acting, surprised me there. The story is very original by the time, so congratulations to the writer! The effects are awesome, nonintrusive, and present giving us a feeling of magic that it’s just lovely. Very good show.
Cheesy. Jojo’s story with her parents was understandable and living with her aunt and her stupid cousin sure as hell. But damn girl, I wouldn’t kiss a guy I met a minute ago and surprisingly fell in love with him the next day.
It’s ridiculous for an app to decide who u like, it’s too cheesy to rely on an app for your feelings. And they did the 2nd guy dirty. He deserved a lot more than the main guy, I mean if I were Jojo I would choose the 2nd guy. He’s sweet, and he doesn’t rely on a freaking app to know his feeling

Love Alarm Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, The Season 2 trailer is not released yet but here is a glimpse of the season one official trailer just for refreshing Love Alarm season 1 for you.

Final Verdict

The above article is completely based on the Love Alarm Season 2. How a story revolves around an app and how it becomes destructive for its users in the end.

In this article, we have tried to give the answer to all your question related to season 3 of Love Alarm. Hope the article is informative for you. If yes then please let us know in our comment section which is given below. Your precious comments are valuable for us and other users as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How many episodes are in Love Alarm Season 2?

A-The Drama has about 12 episodes from which 8 are aired.

Q- Is Love Alarm is in English?

A- It is a Korean show if you want to watch it in Korean with English subtitles.

Q-What is Webtoon?

A- It is a type of comic which is originated in South Korea, not like the normal comic it is a type of digital comic.

Q- Is love alarm is a real app?

A-Yes, the name of the app is real but the functioning of the app is much different as shown in the series.

Q-Why did Jojo left her parent?

A-Jojo left her family because her parent used to drug and smoke, she does not want to be known as a bad person by anyone.

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