LG C2 OLED TV: A Flagship Guide For A Flagship Product!

LG C2 OLED TV is a great product and here is a holistic review of it.

While there are undoubtedly factors that might lead you to choose a competitor.

LG’s OLEDs have long been the preferred premium TV for the majority of customers.

Because the C-series has historically struck the ideal balance between performance, features, and pricing.

Holistic Review: LG C2 OLED TV

There is a great deal of anticipation for each year’s new models.

However, a picture quality disparity between the C-series and the lighter G-series started to appear last year.

This year’s C2 has the “Brightness Booster” technology of the G1 from a year ago.

Whilst the new G2 ups the ante to “Brightness Booster Max” levels.

After putting the G2 and C2 to the test.


We can confidently state that while the G2 merits its position at the top of LG’s 2022 OLED line.

The C2 is still the model that the majority of consumers should choose.

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Price: LG C2 OLED TV

The 65-inch LG C2 has an official launch price of £2699, $2500, or AU$4495.

Because of this, it is now slightly more expensive in the UK than the C1 was when it first launched, but not in the US or Australia.

Fortunately, UK prices are already starting to decline, and as of this writing.

You can purchase an OLED65C2 for £2499, though it’s not yet clear if that represents an official, long-term price reduction.

The key question, as always, is whether the C-series or G-series model is the better purchase.

The price difference between the C2 and G2 is significant; the latter is now available for £3299 / $3000 / AU$5295.

The Sony A80K (£2899/$2500/AU$TBC) and, most likely (at least in Europe), the Philips 65OLED807.

Which is scheduled to launch later this year, are the two competitors the C2 must outperform in non-LG modes.

Design: LG C2 OLED TV

It’s encouraging to see at least some modifications being made for the C2.

Considering how little the C-series OLEDs from LG have changed since the C9 was released in 2019.

The change to a pedestal that is substantially narrower (better for placement on furniture).

And a bit taller from an attractive but very wide and low stand is welcome (good for leaving room for a soundbar).

Except for the stand, the design is mostly unchanged as before, despite the overall depth.

And width measurements have been reduced by a few millimetres.


The latter is a result of even thinner bezels than previously.

Another thing to consider is that LG has been working hard to reduce weight.

And the C2 is significantly lighter than the C1 by 2021.

The 65-inch C2 we are examining weighs only 16.5kg with the stand, compared to the comparable C1’s 32.6kg, or approximately double.

The C2 weighs 14.8kg without the stand, which is significantly smaller than the 24kg C1.

And will put far less strain on the wall to which it is mounted.

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The big news is that the C2 employs the newest, brightest OLED screen technology, making it an “OLED Evo” model, unlike its predecessor.

This is, roughly speaking, the panel technology that was previously found in the outstanding G1 from last year.

But it is inferior to the new G2, which includes a heatsink that enables the screen to be driven even brighter.

The G2 has Brightness Booster Max while the C2 has Brightness Booster, according to LG terminology.

Do keep in mind that the 42-inch and 48-inch models of the C2 aren’t as bright as their larger brothers.

Even though OLED picture quality normally scales up and down quite reliably.

Other than that, the C2 and G2 feature sets are nearly identical.


The new Alpha 9 Gen 5 CPU powers both of them.

While there doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement over Alpha 9 Gen 4 from last year.

AI upscaling has been changed to increase efficiency and remove a step that might introduce unwanted artefacts.

Additionally, a new Dynamic Tone-mapping Pro Algorithm divides the screen into more distinct areas (by an order of 10) for finer enhancement.

Picture: LG C2 OLED TV

First and foremost, the C2 surpasses last year’s superb G1 in terms of visual quality.

The advantages are most obvious when watching the Dolby Vision video, which is noticeably brighter on the new C2.

The entire image has a notably stronger punch, which pops much more effectively.

And there is a great deal more contrast and black detail. Importantly, there is also no drawback.

The image is raised, yet it does so naturally and without sacrificing the colours or the depth of the black.

The C2 is the superior TV when the even more authentic Dolby Vision Dark preset is chosen.

Maintaining the authenticity of the image while revealing more shadow detail and providing brighter highlights.

It is occasionally possible to detect that a very small amount of fine detail and delicate shading is being washed out by the C2.

But this is otherwise all benefit and no harm.

It’s a substantially more vibrant and alluring image as a whole.

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